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Are asuha and Kasumi related?

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Are asuha and Kasumi related? Asuha Chigusa (千種 明日葉, Chigusa Asuha) is the student representative, the head of Chiba and the younger sister of Kasumi Chigusa.

How many girlfriends will Naoya have? Despite his two-timing behavior, Naoya would do his best to keep himself to only two girlfriends, as seen by constantly rejecting and fending off Hoshizaki Mirika despite her persistent behavior to gain his affection.

Is Qualidea Code worth watching? Sadly, Qualidea Code wasn’t destined for the same success. It underwhelms as a spectacle-driven action series, and the writing is too slapdash and slipshod to make up for it. It isn’t a terrible show, but it’s about as unremarkable as an anime can be.

Who does asuha end up with? At the end of the anime, when they were forced to part, he realizes his true feelings for Lotte, while at the end of the manga, he and Lotte get married. Asuha is 10 years old, like Lotte.

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Does Shino Kiryuu like Naoya?

It is confirmed that Shino have feelings for Naoya, although she keeps it a secret. Shino is also a serious person, excelling in academics as if it is normal for her. After Shino confessed her hidden feelings to Saki and Naoya, she started to become less serious and more open especially toward Naoya.

Is Satella the strongest witch?

Sekhmet is the most powerful Witch of Sin, excluding Satella. According to Echidna, she could kill all the other witches in under one minute.

Who is strongest in re Zero?

It was already confirmed by the author numerous times, even on Twitter, that Reinhard Van Astrea is the strongest character in Re:Zero. “Romane Conti’s name change has been uproar, but the first impression was that “Reinhardt” was more shocking.

Who married Naoya?

Naoya Uchida
Years active1972–present
AgentOffice Osawa
Height172 cm (5 ft 8 in)
SpouseMisao Arauchi

How does Qualidea code end?

In the end, the pillar is destroyed, Asanagi and Aoi survive and take the blessing of Airi’s ghost, and our protagonists live happily ever after.

What did Hotaru tell Kasumi?

Hotaru told Kasumi that the world is fake. The children are probably still sleeping according to Mahiru, a statement that makes the Matrix scenario all the more likely.

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Table of Contents