Are Ikuto and Utau siblings?

Are Ikuto and Utau siblings? Ikuto Tsukiyomi: Utau is Ikuto’s younger sister. Utau was deeply infatuated with him ever since she was a child, but over time her love for him turned romantic. Ikuto never returned her advances, and avoided her physical touch, seemingly repulsed by her incestual feelings.

How many eggs does Amu have? One night, Amu wishes for the courage to show her “would-be” self, and the next morning, she finds three brightly colored eggs—pink, blue, and green—in her bed. These eggs hatch into three fairy-like guardians called “Shugo Charas” (Guardian Characters): Ran (pink), Miki (blue), and Su (green).

Who does Kukai end up with in Shugo Chara? it is revealed that Kuukai has feelings for Utau, eventually his feelings are returned, and the two end up being a couple.

Are Amu and Ikuto together? Ikuto did. And it’s pretty obvious in the encore that amu ends up with Ikuto. There were only amuto moments, they held hands, Ikuto said that he will come back to her when she becomes an adult, and he didn’t let go of her when her charas came back.

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Who does Tadase end up with Shugo Chara?

In Chapter 28 of the manga, or Episode 74 of the anime, he acted on this crush and confessed his love to Amu again, but this time to her and not Amulet Heart. He has told Amu in the anime multiple times that he loves her such as in Episode 110 and 112. In their school newspaper, it says that they are the best couple.

Where can I download UTAU?

Time to Download the UTAU Program. Anyways, we need to head over to this lovely website:, which will lead you directly to download the software.

How did Shugo Chara end?

In the final chapter of Shugo Chara Encore, she is happy to reunite with him and is seen holding hands with him at Sanjou and Nikaidou’s wedding. Amu’s primary rival is Utau Hoshina, Ikuto’s younger sister, who is jealous that Ikuto shows an interest in Amu instead of her.

What is the age difference between Amu and Ikuto?

Accusations of Ikuto being abusive. In the beginning of the anime/manga, Ikuto is 16 and Amu 11 (again, not sure if this is dependable information). Yes, that’s a pretty big age gap, but guess what? Ikuto states at least three times that he doesn’t intend to have any type of relationship with Amu until she grows up.

Who does Nagihiko end up with?

In the last few pages of Chapter 4, Rima was the one who encouraged Nagihiko to tell Amu that he was actually Nadeshiko by telling him, “Good luck!” As Nagihiko, he takes Amu to the temple of love and calls her his girlfriend.

Who is Amu in love with?

Amu Hinamori is a character in the manga and anime series Shugo Chara!, and the main protagonist of the story. She is the love interest of Ikuto Tsukiyomi and Tadase Hotori.

When did Ikuto fall in love with Amu?

Ikuto is in love with Amu Hinamori, confessing it in chapters 28 and saying it in 43 of the manga. He also kissed her on the cheek before taking off in chapter 43. He confessed to her in the anime the same time Tadase did, but Amu thought it was a joke.

How old is Utau Shugo Chara?

Utau Tsukiyomi is a fifteen year old girl in high school who dreams of becoming a singer. She is also one of the main supporting characters in the series.

What should I watch after Shugo Chara?

10 Must-Read Manga If You Love Shugo Chara!

  • 10/10 Full Moon Joker.
  • 9/10 Little Goddess Karin.
  • 8/10 Cardcaptor Sakura.
  • 7/10 Dream-Colored Pâtissière.
  • 6/10 Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho.
  • 5/10 Alice Academy.
  • 4/10 Ultra Maniac.
  • 3/10 Tokyo Mew Mew.

Is Shugo Chara appropriate?

Though it runs in Nakayoshi in Japan–the same magazine that was home to a number of series that have been rated for younger readers here, such as Cardcaptor Sakura and Sugar Sugar Rune–Del Rey rates Shugo Chara! as 13+, which, for a story with a 12-year-old protagonist, I think is frankly ridiculous.

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