Are there 72 volumes of Naruto?

Are there 72 volumes of Naruto? For the chapter, head to Naruto Uzumaki!!.

Naruto Uzumaki!! (volume)

Naruto Uzumaki!!
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How many volumes is Naruto in total? Believe it! Naruto Box Set 1 contains all 27 volumes of Naruto manga featuring the first Naruto story arc.

What episode is 477 in Naruto? “Naruto and Sasuke” (ナルトとサスケ, Naruto to Sasuke) is episode 477 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What happens in volume 70 of Naruto: Shippūden? In order to face off against Madara and his newly acquired Six Paths power, Guy pulls out his most dangerous move. Guy has put his very life on the line, but is it enough against Madara? Meanwhile, as Naruto fights on the edge of death, he meets a special figure who may change the entire direction of the battle!

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What happens in volume 72 of Naruto?

With Naruto and Sasuke working together, Kaguya is finally sealed away for good. But just when it seems that the ninja world can find true peace, one more obstacle appears. Fueled by opposing ideals, Naruto and Sasuke will determine the future of the world in one final fight!

What happens in volume 44 of Naruto?

44. Naruto must decipher the cryptic last words of his beloved mentor. What did Jiraiya find out about the leader of the Akatsuki that was so important he had to hide it in code?

What volume is Naruto the last?

The manga series was first published in issue 43 of 1999, with Part II beginning in issue 19 of 2005. Volume 49 was published on Janu, and the final volume, 72, was published on Febru.

What volume is Chapter 245 of Naruto?

This is the article on chapter 245. For volume 28, head to Naruto’s Homecoming!!. “Naruto’s Homecoming!!” (ナルトの帰郷!!, Naruto no Kikyō!!, Viz: Homecoming!!) is chapter 245 of the original Naruto manga.

What volume does Shippuden manga start?

Naruto Shippuden starts right after Kakashi Chronicles on Chapter 245. In the manga, Naruto goes along with Jiraiya right after his Valley of the End fight with Sasuke. And more than 2 years later, they both return home having completed their training. Naruto ends with Chapter 238.

What happens Naruto volume 56?

Naruto and the Allied Shinobi Forces battle Kabuto’s hordes of reanimated ninja soldiers. In the process, they come face-to-face with old friends brought back from the dead…plus enemies and weapons more fearsome than any they could have imagined!

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