Are there any male characters in alchemy stars?

Are there any male characters in alchemy stars? Hello! You can only play as a girl character but you can romance both girls and guys in the game.

How do you reroll in Alchemy Stars? On the start screen of the game(where you select the server and tap to enter the game), in the top-left corner, tap the logout button or in the game, go to settings – sign out -> choose another account ID to start from scratch. If you are on Android or iOS, use this method to reroll in Alchemy Stars.

How many characters are in an alchemy star? Alchemy Stars is a game published by Tencent Games. It is an idle RPG that has a lot of elements similar to AFK Arena and Idle Heroes. This game has over 100 characters.

Does PC have alchemy stars? Alchemy Stars is a Role Playing game developed by PROXIMA BETA. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android 9 game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

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How many Aurorians are there?

With over 100 Aurorians to choose from, deciding who to take into play can be quite tricky. Additionally, each character has a different star rating on top of their elemental traits, making that decision even more difficult.

How do you make a team in alchemy stars?

The general idea or outline of your team should look something like this: Usually at least two ‘Converters’ or ‘Painters’, which simply means units that can change the colour of the tiles. One or two damage dealers (Snipers, Detonators) One Support unit, usually a healer or a buffer.

Will Alchemy Stars get PvP?

Alchemy Stars is a PvE game where players do not fight against each other in any PvP modes.

What is BT Alchemy star?

BT2 — abbreviation of Breakthrough 2. This refers to getting the second Breakthrough of a character (usually a five-star) and unlocking a skill enhancement for them.

How many Aurorians are there in Alchemy Stars?

TourDogStudio / Tencent Games Choose from over 100 Aurorians in Alchemy Stars for your combat party.

How good is Kanna Alchemy Stars?

Kanna is a 6-Star Thunder elemental Aurorian which is classified as a Sniper type. She has a medium base Attack of 3259 and a medium HP of 9189. Kanna’s active ability states Kanna selects a tile and deals 280% of her attack damage to enemies along the way as well as to adjacent tiles.

Is Louise good Alchemy Stars?

Alchemy Stars tier list – Best Forest characters. Louise is the best healer that you can have in a Forest team.

Who is the main character in Alchemy Stars?

Navigator. The main protagonist of the game, and the Player Character. They are one of the last surviving Caelestites, and use their ability to see the Light Trail to guide Aurorians in battle.

Is Hiiro good Alchemy Stars?

Hiiro is often described as one of the best heroes in Alchemy Stars, as she specializes in multi-tile enemy beating and can change tiles and crowd control. Alchemy Stars is a tactical role-playing gacha mobile game.

How old do you have to be to play Alchemy Stars?

In order to use the Game, you represent that you are at least 18 years old and, therefore, legally capable of entering into binding contracts.

How do I redeem Alchemy star codes?

How to redeem Alchemy Stars codes step by step?

  • First of all, launch the game.
  • After you are done with the tutorial, click on the Notices icon on the left of your home screen.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see the Code Redeeming Center.
  • Click on Redeem Now.
  • Pick the correct server.
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