Are there any Namikaze left?

Are there any Namikaze left? Minato of the Namikaze clan was named the Fourth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf. Currently, not many members of this clan are left and thus not much detail regarding this clan or its clan members is available. The only known clan member known is Minato Namikaze.

Who is Naruto brother Minako? Minako Uzumaki (うずまき美奈子; Uzumaki Minako) is Konohagakure kunoichi from the Uzumaki Clan. Minako became the jinchūriki of the yang half of the Nine Tails on the day of her birth while her twin brother, Naruto Uzumaki, became the jinchūriki of the yin half of the Nine Tails.

Who is Minato brother? Norio Namikaze

Norio Uzumaki Namike
Academy Grad. Age7
Chūnin Prom. Age10
Minato Namikaze (father) Kushina (mother) Naruto (brother) Jiraiya (Godfather

Why is Naruto’s name not Namikaze? The reason why Naruto has his mother’s last name is because if people found out Naruto was the son of the fourth Hokage, he would have been in danger. This was actually explained to Naruto by Minato Namikaze the fourth Hokage himself in episode 168 of Naruto Shippuden.

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Is Naruto technically Namikaze?

Naruto’s life was always at risk, but he was safer as an Uzumaki than as a Namikaze. Many questions have been asked about why Naruto was named an Uzumaki and not a Namikaze.

Why isn’t Naruto a Namikaze?

In order to make sure people didn’t realize that it was Minato’s son, the protagonist was given the surname of Uzumaki. It was Hiruzen who was tasked with taking care of Minato’s child and also was responsible for giving him the Uzumaki surname.

Who is Tsunade son?

At a time of crisis to protect the innocent (whether it was Konoha citizens or other people), Tsunade has faith and believes in her son, Tsunaku as it was shown that she didn’t punish him and his friend for breaking the rules of leaving the village without authorization, as it was shown that he has earn her trust.

Who is iruka in love with?

The Couple. KakaIru (カカイル; KakaIru) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Iruka Umino. It is the most popular Naruto couple in Japan.

Who is Jiraiya’s son?

He never had children of his own, for which reason he thought of Minato Namikaze as his son and, by extension, thought of Naruto as his grandson.

Does Minato Namikaze have a sister?

Background. Kaya is the sister of the Minato Namikaze, also known as “Yondaime” or “Konoha’s Yellow Flash”.

Who is obito’s master?

In truth, Obito was saved from death and trained by Madara Uchiha, but the events of the war left Obito disillusioned with the world, and he sought to replace it with a new one.

Who is the first girl Uchiha?

Naori Uchiha was one of the Uchiha clan members and one of the Konohagakure’s Kunoichi, and a famed Uchiha.

Who is serana Uchiha?

Serana Uchiha (うちはセレナ, Uchiha Serena) is the daughter of Ryun Uchiha and the Sixth Yamakage (六代目山影, Rokudaime Yamakage) of Yamagakure, succeeding her father after his death. She is also the third head of the Uchiha Clan, second after her father revived it.

Who is Naruto’s little sister?

Mitsuha Senju (千手三葉, Senju Mitsuha; née Uzumaki (うずまき)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure and the younger twin sister of Naruto Uzumaki.

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