Can Ash beat Tobias?

Can Ash beat Tobias? Despite defeating two of Tobias’s Pokemon (which was more than anyone else in the League achieved), Ash lost and he would still lose today. Tobias is a mysterious figure.

Who defeated Tobias? However, all of Ash’s Pokémon had fainted while Tobias had four left, causing Ash to be eliminated from the tournament. Tobias nevertheless thanked Ash for the great battle, seeing his Pikachu fought well. During the finals, Tobias used Darkrai alone to defeat his opponent, winning the Sinnoh League.

What is Tobias full Pokémon team? So his full team would be Darkrai, Latios, Latias, Dragonite, Salamence, and Garchomp. Edit: I took out the part about the mythical Pokemon.

What team did Ash use against Tobias? Ash is up against Tobias, the Trainer who managed to defeat all the Sinnoh Gym Leaders and all the other competitors using only his Darkrai. As the battle commences, Tobias sends out Darkrai to battle first, while Ash sends out his Heracross.

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How powerful is Tobias?

#3 – Tobias. Although Tobias isn’t present at all in the World Coronation Series, it’s still safe to rank him as one of the most powerful Pokemon Trainers of all time. He possesses a Darkrai and a Latios, a mythical and legendary Pokemon that even the best trainers could never catch in the anime.

What all Pokémon does Tobias have?


  • Darkrai. Darkrai was Tobias’ main Pokémon. …
  • Latios. Latios was first seen during Tobias’ battle with Tom Norton where he fought Tom’s Garchomp and Lucario. …
  • Latias. Latias was first seen in a battle with Tom’s Lucario. …
  • Swampert. …
  • Ninetales.

Will Tobias return in Pokémon?

Now we got this! Tobias is coming back,we all wanted Ash to kick him and give us revenge. Now Ash is champion,he is strong and he can do it. And Tobias was one of my predictions for top 8 from preview(now we know for Leon,Lance,Raihan and Tobias).

How many Pokémon does Tobias have?

Latios’s known moves are Giga Impact, Luster Purge, and Light Screen. The Semi-Final Frontier! It is assumed that Tobias has at least four other Pokémon, as he participated in a Full Battle with Ash, which requires six Pokémon.

Did Tobias beat Cynthia?

What happened between them is never shown in the anime. Most likely they will never show it. When cynthia appeared in later episodes, she was still the champion of sinnoh. So it means tobias either lost to cynthia or to elite 4 or he never went up against them.

How Tobias get Darkrai?

He probably did it by the normal procedure – meeting, weakening, catching. Same deal as every other trainer who’ve caught Legendaries, like Blue in Adventures and Palmer in all continuities.

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