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Can Broly become a god?

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Can Broly become a god? God Broly (ブロリーゴッド, Burorī Goddo, lit. “Broly God”) is a godly transformation of the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly appearing in Dragon Ball Z: Super Tenkaichi Budokai.

Why did Kale turn into Broly? This is because the character of Kale was based off Broly. During a story conference, it was mentioned that the character of Broly was very popular. Hence, it was suggested to include a Broly like character in the Tournament of Power.

Why Broly’s hair is green? In the Wrath State, Broly can draw on the power of the Great Ape form while still in his human form. It’s when Broly draws on this more primal power that his hair turns from blonde to green. Following this explanation, Broly’s energy goes from yellow to green rather than the standard green to yellow.

Who did Broly love? Cheelai lets her emotions dictate her actions, so she latches onto Broly when she realizes how repressed his feelings are. With Cheelai showing him kindness, Broly becomes as attached to the girl as he is to his father.

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Why do Broly hates Goku?

The real reason Broly hates Goku and so desperately wants to kill him is because Broly had a vision of Goku killing him.

Who is stronger Broly or Beerus?

Although Broly is thought to be stronger than Beerus, it can’t be denied that Beerus has powers, such as Hakai, up his sleeve which give him the edge over pretty much anyone, including Broly.

Is Kale stronger than Jiren?

If these combinations aren’t strong enough to defeat Jiren then Kale isn’t going to accomplish it either, even in her Berserk form. Jiren is strong enough to withstand her attacks, but also can evade her in speed.

Who is Caulifla in love with?

Caulifla is the possible love Interest of Cabba and Kale in the Anime of Dragon Ball Super and possible love interest of Cabba in the Manga and maybe the Anime. She is a Saiyan from Universe 6 and a member of Team Universe 6 who participates in Zeno’s Tournament of Power.

Who does Beerus love?

Dragon Ball: Lord Beerus is romantically interested in Cheelai. Yes, Lord Beerus is romantically interested in Cheelai. In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Beerus had woken up from his four-month slumber when he found out that Goku had brought Broly to his planet.

Does Broly have a son?

Learning Broly’s power level greatly excels that of his son Prince Vegeta, whom he believes would liberate their people and conquer the universe, King Vegeta exiles Broly to the distant planetoid Vampa in hopes the infant would die before becoming a potential threat to the Saiyans.

Is Kale related to Broly?

Broly and Kale belong to two different universes, so they are not related in any way, shape or form. However, they are both legendary Super Sayains.

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