Can Gon Freecss beat Meruem?

Can Gon Freecss beat Meruem? Well to all those who believe that ging doesn’t even stand a chance against meruem… think again. We’re talking about the creator of “THE ENTIRE GREED ISLAND”(though he did take the help of his friends). Technically all the spells and magic cards in that game are the actual powers of Ging!

Is Gon stronger than Netero? Gon is definitely one of the characters who hold the potential to surpass and defeat Netero.

Is adult Gon equal to King? Meruem vs Adult Gon | Fandom. (Spoilers!!!) When Gon transformed to kill Pitou, Pitou had said that Gon was as powerful as the King himself(Meruem).

Who can defeat Meruem? Chrollo Lucifer. Not only can he copy Nen but he can steal it from others. Moreover, he was the strongest among the Phantom Troupe members and the only one who could possibly beat Meruem in a one-on-one fight.

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Can Godspeed Killua beat Meruem?

Can Godspeed Killua beat Meruem? No. In Hunter x Hunter, it’s incredibly rare for there to ever be no chance of winning, a 0% possibility of success. This one breaks that rule.

Is Gon still powerful without Nen?

After expending the entirety of his aura, Gon is reverted back to his pre-Nen state — still physically powerful but unable to tap into his aura. Ging also warns that trying to get his power back could incur an even heavier price than what he’s already paid.

Has Gon ever won a fight?

And as far as it goes, Gon, despite being unusually powerful character not just for his age, but at all, haven’t won that many “battles”. Actually, in Hunter Exam, he only won “challenge” against Sedokan. He couldn’t take ball from Netero (which is understandable, Netero is, well, Netero).

What is Gons true power?

Gon’s Nen type is Enhancement, which gives him his great strength and recuperative abilities. His Hatsu is called Ja Jan Ken (ジャジャン拳) a play on “Janken”, the Japanese word for rock-paper-scissors.

Is Gon stronger than Pitou?

Unfortunately for Pitou, Gon was tremendously powerful in this form, which is precisely why it wasn’t hard for him to deal with Pitou once and for all. Gon already fought them once and emerged victorious without any trouble whatsoever.

Is there anyone stronger than Meruem?

While Meruem is a powerful character on Hunter x Hunter, there are only certain anime heroes she could defeat. Meruem, the Chimera Ant King, is the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter, bar none.

Can Netero defeat adult Gon?

Netero wins. It wouldn’t be easy at all, but Gon has nothing to suggest he’d even do remotely as well as Meruem did.

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