Can killua beat Luffy?

Can killua beat Luffy? As strong and badass Killua is, he can not hope to compete with the rubbery man. In terms of overall strength, Luffy stands almost at the top of the world of One Piece; above most other forces, and below only the Yonko.

Is Hunter x Hunter like Naruto? Both Naruto and Hunter x Hunter are established anime that have redefined the shounen genre for generations to come. Both consist of numerous arcs that set up the story for their protagonists and others around them in a gruesome but satisfying way.

Is watching Hunter x Hunter worth it? yes, if you seen images of it on the internet it seems like a childish story, but that’s where your wrong. it has amazing adventures, great fights, awesome powerups and many fun adventureous moments. the animation is definitely jaw-dropping and shows how great of an anime it is. Is Hunter X Hunter worth watching?

Which is better Hunter x Hunter or my hero academia? I would reccomend hunter x hunter first than MHA. I dropped hxh and then started watching mha. I’m gonna finish MHA’s season 4 and then start watching haikyu. Honestly, in terms of storyline HxH beats mha but in terms of character mha is a mile ahead of hxh.

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Which is better Naruto Shippuden or Hunter x Hunter?

In HxH, it is well balanced. Plot and Storyline : HxH has solid and well written storyline than Naruto. But Naruto is bigger and have more battles. Character Development : Both anime has good character development but I personally think that HxH is slightly better in developing side characters.

Is Hunter x Hunter as good as One Piece?

The Hunter X Hunter is better than One Piece even though the One Piece is one of the longest ongoing Manga and Anime because it had great plot that is much different than the One Piece and the character is more realistic looking and I mean people feels more attached watching it.

Is Hunter Hunter better than AOT?

Well Both has Excellent stories but you can have different opinions . ,with very good side characters but Aot lacks in Antagonists (aside from eren ) . Hxh has a very good protagonist , with GREAT side characters and 10/10 antagonists , the writing in Hxh is easily better like MERUEM ,Hisoka,etc. Hxh wins this one .

Which is better AOT or Hunter x Hunter?

Attack on Titan is somewhat more original as a concept, but HxH has superior writing and execution. Attack on Titan is certainly the better show for “non-anime” people. It hits the ground running, and is far less “shounen-y”. It is a smaller time investment.

Why does everyone like HxH?

Its unique plot and exciting action sequences have contributed to its success. Despite its faltering pace, Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter remains one of the most popular anime series ever made. Both the manga and the anime have been commercially prosperous, in part due to their unorthodox pattern of storytelling.

Who is the most liked character in Hunter x Hunter?

1) Killua Zoldyck. The star of the Zoldyck Family and Gon’s best friend, Killua, is one of the most liked characters in Hunter x Hunter. Although he was always more kindhearted than the rest of the Zoldycks, Killua still had a lot of darkness in his heart.

Who is the top 1 strongest in Hunter x Hunter?

1. Adult Gon – the most powerful Hunter x Hunter character. Although Meruem was naturally the strongest character in Hunter x Hunter (2011), Gon surpasses his power through limitless rage after the murder of his friend and mentor, Kite.

Is HxH older than Naruto?

Hunter x Hunter was created in 1999 while Naruto was created in 2002. However, I will say that the main characters are quite similar.

Who is faster Sasuke or Killua?

Sasuke would probably stomp Killua. Rock Lee is considered to be hypersonic without his weights, Sasuke is able to effortlessly surpass that speed later on. Killua at max is supersonic pushing hypersonic.

Which is better Hunter x Hunter or fairy tail?

Hunter x Hunter! It is extraordinarily consistent across one hundred episode plus, while Fairy Tale tends to wander around. HxH has fast paced arcs but isn’t afraid to go deep and portray monsters more humanely than humans, while Fairy Tale lacks that consistency with a lot of fillers.

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