Can Shanks beat Garp?

Can Shanks beat Garp? 2/10 CAN BEAT: SHANKS. Shanks has no devil fruit and he specializes in Haki. Shanks has managed to clash against Kaido and then he stopped Akainu at Marineford. Garp holds a grudge against Shanks for turning Luffy into a pirate. Frankly, there is no Marine who can rival the strength of a Yonko and Garp is no exception.

Who is the strongest sword user in One Piece? Dracule Mihawk is the strongest swordsman in One Piece, and the wielder of the SaijŠŌ Wazamono sword called Yoru. With his Armament Haki, Mihawk was able to blacken the blade, which is quite a testament to his skills as a swordsman.

Who is the strongest emperor in One Piece? Kaido. Known to be the strongest creature on land, air, and sea, Kaido is one of the Four Emperors, just like Big Mom, and has a bounty of 4,611,100,000 Berries on his head. He is known to be extremely difficult to hurt and throughout his life, only Kozuki Oden and his nine retainers have managed to hurt him.

Can Zoro beat law? 2) Roronoa Zoro. Being a very close match for both fighters, Law would have to avoid getting hit by Zoro’s named techniques in order to win. Once again, he would have to rely on his Devil Fruit for a major advantage. Gamma Knife can still bypass through Zoro’s defenses without any trouble.

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Can Roger defeat Kaido?

Roger could possibly beat any character in the series. Although he isn’t alive right now, he did clash with Kaido at God Valley where the Rocks crew was annihilated. Arduous as it may be, it is expected of the Pirate King to be able to take on Kaido without much trouble.

Is Garp stronger than Roger?

absolutely not. rodger and garp were almost always considered equals and rivals (same with whitebeard and sengoku). No one in the history of onepiece (so far) has been stated to be stronger than rodger except maybe shiki but hes pretty much non cannon except for his impel down feat which a pre-timeskip luffy did.

Will Luffy surpass Roger?

Before his inevitable death, Roger started the Great Pirate Era which ultimately led to Luffy setting out on his journey. By the end of the story, Luffy is going to be the man who becomes the Pirate King and surpass Roger in some ways, however, there are still some things that the former Pirate King would be better at.

Who has the strongest Haki?

One Piece: The 20 Strongest Kenbunshoku Haki Users, Ranked

  • Shanks. Shanks is one of the Yonko and the captain of the Red-Hair Pirates. …
  • Marco. Marco is the former First Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. …
  • Yasopp. …
  • Koby. …
  • Blackbeard. …
  • Kozuki Momonosuke. …
  • Yamato. …
  • Boa Hancock.

Is Monkey D Dragon stronger than Shanks?

Monkey D dragon is stronger than Shanks because he has a D in his name 😈. Well monkey D dragon is the no. 1 of the revolutionary army which directly opposes the world government and to do something as big as that you need much above admiral level to face them.

Who is stronger Gol D. Roger or?

The King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger was the strongest person on the crew. Roger had control over all the Haki types and a decent mastery of the sword. His skills were largely considered to be unmatched and the only person to fight him to a draw was Whitebeard.

Can mihawk beat Shanks?

Mihawk holds the title of the strongest swordsman in the world that means Mihawk beat Shanks. Mihawk could use haki. Shanks only uses his sword and haki to fight. Yonko title doesn’t mean you are the strongest, it means you rule part of the new world and have thousands of followers.

Who can defeat Gol D. Roger?

Linlin possesses the power of the Soru Soru no Mi, which lets her manipulate souls, and has all three Haki types as well. Being a Yonko, she’s among the strongest pirates to ever live and is certainly more than capable of taking on Gol D. Roger in a fight.

Can Gol D. Roger beat Shanks?

His real powers are yet to be seen but as the series has progressed, he has been portrayed as the strongest character in One Piece, alongside Whitebeard. If Shanks were to fight Roger, he would get defeated by him easily.

Who can beat Shank?

Kaido is one of the four Yonko. He is known as the strongest living being and user of a mythological devil fruit that allows him to transform into a dragon. Demonstrating his strength, Kaido finished off Luffy with one hit. Kaido and Shanks have the strongest haki, so Kaido has a chance to defeat Shanks.

How old was Gol D. Roger died?

Garp, Shiki, and Edward Newgate when it comes to era. Evidently, Roger was ruling the seas during their time. By the time of his death, Gol D. Roger was 53 years old.

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