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Can yanderes fall in love?

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Can yanderes fall in love? Generally speaking, when a Yandere falls in love with someone, they tend to play for keeps. No matter how much blood has to be shed, no matter how much suffering they inflict, your common-or-garden yandere will do anything for and to be with the one they love.

Are yanderes abusive? Nearly every example of a yandere in fiction is somewhat of a toxic character. At best these characters tend to have an unhealthy attachment to their love interest. More often however, the yandere characters are emotionally and/or physically abusive to their love interest and the people around them.

Would a yandere hurt you? Viewing anyone who gets close to their love interests as a threat, yandere archetypes often take it upon themselves to be “protective.” In reality, yanderes are too afraid of something (or someone) taking their love interests from them, so they often threaten or hurt people who try to get close to their chosen ones.

Can a 10 year old play yandere? The game’s still doesn’t have an official ESRB rating, but the it is considered an Adults Only (18+) rated game for being banned on the streaming website Twitch and for it’s violent content.

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What is Undere?

Undere is a fictional Japanese character archetype. They are very rare in Japanese media as few exist in manga, anime, and video games. An undere character often agrees with anything their love interest would say. Their reason for being agreeable is to become closer to their love interest.

What is a Bakadere?

A “Bakadere” refers to a character who is or acts very clumsy and stupid. More often than not, they lack common sense.

What does being yandere feel like?

Yandere is a Japanese archetype used to define a character whose love, admiration, and devotion is so strong that it is expressed as an excessive obsession and possessiveness. They are often seen as characters that are crazy in love with someone.

How do you become a yandere?

Scold the target for leading on others when they’re obviously not meant to be together. Yandere types often act violently jealous when the target of their love is violated by the affection of an outsider. This, however, is not acceptable in the real world. Only “protect” the target in a playful, fun-poking way.

Are you tsundere or yandere?

The Tsundere and Yandere are two different types of ways the Japanese describe how girls change over time. A Yandere is usually cold before gradually showing its warmer friendly side, whereas a Tsundere comes off as lovely and gentle, then switches up to being aggressive and deranged.

What color is Yanderes eyes?


Ayano Aishi (Yan-Chan)
Eye colourDark grey
Hair colourBlack
EthnicityAsian-Japanese French Swiss
Height5’4.96″ (165 cm)

Is there a real life yandere?

Then there’s “yandere,” someone who expresses their intense love through insane, sometimes violent, methods. While typically relegated to the 2-D realm, apparently yandere exist in real life too, as was seen recently when Japanese Twitter user @hanahanakaidou made this post: ▼ “Oh god…”

What are the 4 types of yandere?


  • Manipulative: Focuses on working a series of situations to prevent losing their love.
  • Isolating: Through any means makes it so they’re the only one their love will be around.
  • Submissive: Have all the love towards one person and will carry out any act asked of them. Eliminating:
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Table of Contents