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Can you touch dark matter?

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Can you touch dark matter? In fact, recent estimates put dark matter as five times more common than regular matter in our universe. But because dark matter does not interact electromagnetically, we can’t touch it, see it, or manipulate it using conventional means. You could, in principle, manipulate dark matter using gravitational forces.

Can dark matter give you powers? Dark matter gives powers based on personal attributes or material a person is in contact with when the energy hits them.

How did accelerator beat Kihara? Amata met his demise after being used by Accelerator as the projectile for his own version of the Railgun.

Who is Teitoku? Matsunaga Teitoku, original name Matsunaga Katsuguma, also called Shōyuken, or Chozumaru, (born 1571, Kyoto—died J, Kyoto), renowned Japanese scholar and haikai poet of the early Tokugawa period (1603–1867) who founded the Teitoku (or Teimon) school of haikai poetry.

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Who is the 6th Level 5 Esper?

Aihana Etsu (藍花 悦, Aihana Etsu?), also referred to as the Number Six (第六位, Number Six?), is the sixth ranked Level 5 esper in Academy City.

Can Accelerator beat Gojo?

Accelerator can manipulate the forces of nature and every single kind of force to exist while Gojo can manipulate space. Accelerator can nullify practically every single one of Gojo’s techniques as he can just cancel them.

What is accelerators real name?

Toaru Gakuen no Index. Here, Accelerator appears as Suzushina Yuriko, He is using Redirection when he accidentally bumps to Touma as he is carrying books, leading to a prolonged gag of him crashing into several objects.

What can accelerator manipulate?

Accelerator’s ability is based on Vector Transformation (ベクトル変換, Bekutoru Henkan?), [Notes 1] known in other names such as Vector Change and Vector Conversion, that allows him to control vectors (magnitude and direction) and influence objects that have vectors such as bullets, heat, and electricity.

How many people has Accelerator killed?

By the beginning of the Sisters Arc (index), Accelerator has already killed the first 10,030 Misaka Clones and during the course of the arc, kills clone 10,031 before the experiment is ultimately stopped.

What is World Rejector?

My World Rejecter has the power to exile people to the excess region in the same timeline. It affects anyone whose conflicting desires cause them to cling to the current world while also wishing for a new world.

Who is Melakuera?

Melakuera, as the bearer of fire, became known as the “Great Spirit of Fire.” Many years after Melakuera’s birth, the Witch of Envy Satella used her terrible power to decimate half of the entire world. Although she was defeated and imprisoned by heroes, Satella’s dark deeds ensured that her name was never forgotten.

Is kamijou Touma a God?

Touma is the son of Kamijou Touya and Kamijou Shiina, who live outside of Academy City. During his childhood, he was often seen as a jinx because of the misfortune that his right hand creates and he was called “god of pestilence” by people around him.

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Table of Contents