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Did Ichigo and Hiro kiss?

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Did Ichigo and Hiro kiss? The next day, as Zero Two leaves, Hiro is overcome with guilt for calling her a monster and tries to stop her but Ichigo holds him back and begs for him not to chase after Zero Two. She then forcibly kisses him and confesses that she loves him, much to Hiro’s surprise but all he can think about is Zero Two.

Why does Ikuno age faster? For Franxx to work, a boy connects to a girl, but the girl connects directly to the machine. Because of this, all the damage and burden of the operation will directly affect the girl. Ikuno was trying too hard, leading to the aging process being accelerated more than usual.

Is Yamamoto stronger than Ichigo? Yamamoto’s bare-handed strength can tear an Espada apart, and his shikai can burn down anything in its way. And if Yamamoto unleashes his bankai, Zanka no Tachi, any foe will be reduced to ashes, no matter who they may be. Ichigo can’t compare to this.

Who was Hiro’s first partner? Naomi (ナオミ, Naomi) is a former Parasite from the Thirteenth Plantation with the codename “703”. She is the former partner of Hiro, who held her back from becoming a pilot due to his inability to pilot FRANXX.

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Who likes Ichigo in Darling?

Ichigo is one of the most hotly debated characters in Darling in the Franxx. This is because of her rocky relationship with 002 and her love for Hiro. Ichigo is often shown as being cold towards 002 or trying to force Hiro to fall in love with her.

Did Miku end up with Zorome?

Some fans theorise the boy could belong to Zorome and Miku as his hair and eye colors resemble that of Zorome’s. However, even at the end of the finale, their relationship status still remain unknown.

Who does Ikuno end up with?

Ikuno sacrificed the most out of the other parasites. Ikuno was rapidly aged and ended up spending her later years in a hospital bed with no partner. This is a bit sad since she was revealed to be in love with Ichigo.

Why did Hiro grow horns?

Hiro’s appearance after his fully completed saurification. Starting from Episode 17, Hiro developed canines and he also began sprouting small blue horns due to his “saurification”. His horns eventually began to lengthen significantly and glow blue, the same way Zero Two’s do when emotionally agitated.

Who does Hiro fall in love with?

8/10 Hiro is Married to Ichigo in Real Life. This is the closest fans will ever get to Ichigo and Hiro falling in love with each other.

Who was Zero’s first darling?

However, after she realized that Hiro was indeed her darling from her childhood, Zero Two felt extremely apologetic and distraught about her actions.

Who is Zero’s love interest?

Canon. Hiro and Zero Two were lovers and partners that fought against the Klaxosaurs. They had originally met as children, but Zero Two had her memories wiped whilst Hiro did not recognise her when they met again.

Does Darling in the Franxx have a sad ending?

The ending is bittersweet — though they died in battle, they apparently get to have another chance at life together in a new world. On the other hand, some fans weren’t satisfied with the reincarnation aspect of the ending.

Does Ikuno like Ichigo?

Ikuno said she hated the boy-girl pairing system and she wanted to keep Ichigo all to herself. She confessed she had loved Ichigo ever since the day Ichigo gave her her name.

Why did Ikuno hair turn white?

In Episode 21, her purple hair turned white due to overusing her capabilities. In Episode 24, she is shown to have aged significantly compared to the other parasites, having chin-length white hair and being confined to a hospital bed.

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