Did Mirai become God?

Did Mirai become God? Does Mirai Kakehashi Become God? In the end, Mirai Kakehashi does not become God. Fans of Mirai can rest assured, though, that it’s not bad news for him. After the new god has been selected, the remaining god candidates that are alive return to normal lives, with the world’s memory of the contest removed.

Who is the final God candidate? Sure enough, the final candidate, a cynical professor named Yoneda, sends his special-rank angel Muni to confront the five other candidates in the open and interview them. Yoneda is cautious and meticulous as a candidate, and he will ally himself with whoever makes the best argument.

How did Meyza become special-rank? She was formerly an unranked angel that got promoted straight to special-rank through some unknown means. She found Kanade when he was grieving before his sister death and decided to commit suicide.

Why was Baret demoted Platinum End? Baret was formerly a special-rank angel but was demoted to first-rank. According to Revel it was “for being a know-it-all”.

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Why did everyone disappear in Platinum End?

Soon, everyone on Earth and every Angel in heaven has disappeared, with God’s existence being linked directly to humanity; with God committing suicide, he was inadvertently wiped out all life. “Don’t be afraid. Ogaro said God had the power to end humanity. That’s probably what Nakaumi chose to do.

Who kills Metropoliman?

Metropoliman had an advanced suit, enhanced arrow powers and many minions on his side, but in the most recent episode, Mukaido Nanato defeats him with the last of his strength.

Why is Nasse special?

Nasse (ナッセ, Nasse?), or the Angel of Purity (純度の天使, Jundo no Tenshi?), was a special-rank angel. She was one of the thirteen angels who selected Mirai Kakehashi as her God candidate. Her primary reason for choosing him was to help him achieve happiness.

Who dies in Platinum End?

And as the newly ascended God, Shuji will carry this grave impulse to its logical end-point, dying by suicide himself in the finale, and in the process, causing all other life to also vanish — including the angels and every human being on Earth.

Is minamikawa a God candidate?

Mirai and his loyal friend Saki follow every lead they have to identify and confront the few remaining God candidates, and they soon track down Metrpoliman’s friend and classmate Minamikawa, who admits to not being a God candidate.

Was Platinum End Cancelled?

Unfortunately, there will not be a season 2 of Platinum End because the anime adaptation is slated to completely adapt the original manga series by Tsugumi Ohba.

Is Mirai a God?

Mirai Kakehashi (架橋 明日 ミライ , Kakehashi Mirai?) was the protagonist of the Platinum End manga series. He was the chosen God candidate of the angel Nasse in the competition to become the next God.

Who becomes God Platinum ending?

Nakaumi Shuji became the new God in Episode 23 and became an ascended being in the distant heavens, and in Episode 24, the series finale, the new God grapples with the reality and responsibilities of his lofty role.

Who is Shuji Nakaumi in Platinum End?

Shuji Nakaumi (中海修滋, Nakaumi Shūji?) was a human selected by the angel Ogaro to be a God candidate. Eventually, he volunteered to become God.

Who is the most powerful character in Platinum End?

How Nasse Became Platinum End’s Most Powerful Angel – and Her Strange Origin. In the story of Platinum End, Nasse is the first angel to be born – and she has a unique role to fulfill.

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