Did Pei Ming love Xuan Ji?

Did Pei Ming love Xuan Ji? Since Yushi had lost anyway and Pei Ming had a soft spot for women, he spared and released Xuan Ji which caused her to fall in love with him. At first, they agreed on a short-lived relationship, but she soon became adamant in being the only woman in his life for eternity.

What does Shi Qingxuan call he Xuan? This was Shi Qingxuan calling him by Ming Yi’s name. In fact, He Xuan becomes angry earlier in the same chapter when Shi Qingxuan calls him Ming Yi.

Which eye did Hua Cheng lose? He originally planned to kill one of the human to forge a weapon that save the rest, but he changed his mind at the last minute and gouged out his own right eye to forge E-Ming.

Is Ming Yi and he Xuan the same person? Personality. While pretending to be Ming Yi, he is quiet and rarely makes his presence known. He is a loner who prefers to be by himself, Shi Qingxuan being the only one that is close with him, so He Xuan is almost always seen beside him in his disguise as Ming Yi.

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Who is the Princess who slit her throat TGCF?

Yushi Huang (雨师篁, Yǔshī Huáng), also known as Lord Rain Master (雨师娘娘, Yǔ Shī Niáng Niang), is one of the Elemental Masters in charge of rain and agriculture. She is also known as one of the Four Famous Tales, “The Princess Who Slit Her Throat”.

Who is the earth master TGCF?

Ming Yi (明仪, Míng Yí), also known as Earth Master Yi (地师仪, Dì Shī Yí), is one of the Five Elemental Masters in the Heavenly Court.

How did Hua Cheng make e-Ming?

E-Ming was crafted from Hua Cheng’s right eye while he was in Tonglu Mountain for the first time. Hua Cheng, still a weak, drifting ghost at that point, had taken a group of lost mortals under his wing. To protect them when they were surrounded by ghosts, he dug out his own eye and forged E-Ming.

Does Xie Lian have siblings?

History. The Queen of Xianle was the wife of the king and is the mother of Xie Lian. She once had a younger sister whom she got along with very well, but during an upheaval that sister lost her life protecting her.

Who buried Xie Lian?

He escaped and was hunted by Lang Qianqiu who finally caught him. Lang Qianqiu, in his anger, stabbed his master through the heart and into a three-layered coffin. He then buried Xie Lian alive.

How old is Xie Lian physically?

A handsome young, slender Chinese man who looks around 20 years old with dark, kind eyes. He has long black hair, that he keeps up in a half ponytail, and is usually seen with a simple bamboo hat.

Is e Ming a Sabre?

E-Ming. E-Ming is his sabre, made with Hua Cheng’s own right eye. Despite its fearsome reputation and being Hua Cheng’s main weapon, it is submissive to its master, who often bullies him.

Does Xie like Pei Ming?

Xie Lian respects Pei Ming and was relatively indifferent about him, although it’s mentioned that he’s quite curious about his person and would read the inappropriate tales about Pei Ming if it wasn’t for his cultivation path.

What does E Ming mean TGCF?

E’ming is 厄命. Breaking this into its component characters: 厄 (e) – adversity, hardship / disaster, misfortune / a strategic point. 命 (ming) – life / fate, destiny / order, command.

Is Xie Lian older than Pei Ming?

Pei Ming and Ling Wen ascended around that time too, which explains how they all became such close friends, and means Pei Ming is around the same age as Xie Lian as well.

Who is Pei Ming in love with?

After he stopped her from taking her own life in captivity, the two had a short-lived sexual relationship. While originally they agreed that it would only be a fling with no serious attachments, Xuan Ji fell madly in love with Pei Ming to the point of obsession.

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