Did Taiga get pregnant?

Did Taiga get pregnant? During Taiga’s ending on the PSP, she marries Ryuuji (which now makes her Taiga Takasu) and becomes pregnant with triplets, in which this ending is also how presumably it would’ve gone in the anime.

Who does ryuuji Takasu marry? His feelings and relationship to Taiga begin to change as he spends more time with her throughout the series. Eventually, he and Taiga become a couple and they got married (which now makes her Taiga Takasu) so in that way they can both be adults.

Is there a season 2 of Toradora? If this is the case, “Toradora!” Season 2 could very well premiere in mid-to-late 2022, or possibly in 2023. Fans of the series should continue to watch the show on Netflix and discuss it publicly so that both Netflix and J.C.Staff know that it’s popular and people want more episodes.

Is Toradora happy ending? All in all, everyone ends up happy, not much heart-break. Yet, I feel sad. Yes, the story had many emotional moments, but the end result was pretty much plain happiness. The only other time I’ve felt this way was with anime that had truly sad parts to their ending (TTGL, Code Geass to name a couple).

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Why did Taiga run away?

Taiga says that she just wants Minori to be happy, but Minori says that happiness is something only she can decide for herself, which causes Taiga to run away. Minori, deciding to go after Taiga, asks Ryūji to accompany her.

Who does Minori end up with?

Though Minori doesn’t verbally confess to having been in love with Ryuuji until the very end of the series, she actually does admit her feelings within the first ten episodes. Thing is, it’s in her own cryptic Minori way, so it flies right over Ryuuji’s head.

Is Toradora ending good?

The ending starts really well for him, Yasuko and her parents finally restart a new life and leave behind all the misunderstanding of the past years and he get Taiga!

How long was Taiga gone?

Taiga goes elsewhere for more than a whole year, entirely skipped in the anime narrative. What the hell was she doing, achieved or solved? As a clue, the ep. 25 aftercredits preview has her in the voiceover saying she will now Show Ryuji her way of doing things.

Why was Toradora Cancelled?

Because of a shortage of source material, the majority of the series will not be renewed for another season. Seasons can be added to a series with a large number of novels. Unfortunately, the same could be said with Toradora Season 2.

What does Toradora mean in Japanese?

When you translate Toradora into the English language it means doragon. In an interesting twist, this is a combination of the Japanese names of the two characters which mean dragon and tiger. When you put Taiga and Ryuji which mean tiger and dragon, you get doragon or Toradora.

How old is Ryuji’s mom?

Yasuko is Ryuuji’s thirty-three-year-old mother, though she refers to herself as eternally twenty-three. She has large F-cup-sized breasts.

Who falls in love first in Toradora?

Some fans believe that Taiga started developing feelings for Ryuuji as early as episode two. This was shown during her confession to Kitamura. While she simply denied liking Ryuuji, her answer when asked if she dislikes Ryuuji can give viewers a hint that she appreciates Ryuuji so much.

Who did Kitamura end up with?

During his time as the vice-president of the student council, he eventually falls in love with the student council president, Sumire Kanō.

Does Toradora have a sad ending?

While Toradora! is a heartwarming romance that won over fans, one character didn’t get the happy ending she deserved.

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