Did Touma and Taichi end up together?

Did Touma and Taichi end up together? Five years after the breakup, Taichi got an invitation to Futaba’s marriage to another man and it is revealed that Taichi had married Toma who actually attended Futaba’s wedding on behalf of them both while Taichi attended Omega’s wedding, which was on the same day.

Who Taichi end up with? After the class trip, Inaba reveals to Taichi that she has fallen in love with him, but he turns her down as he is still in love with Iori. Despite the rejection, Inaba refuses to give up on Taichi and at the end of the Michi Random arc, Taichi and Inaba begin dating.

Is Blue Flag manga complete? It started serialization on the Shōnen Jump+ manga website on Febru, and ended on Ap. It has been published in eight tankōbon volumes.

Did Blue Flag get Cancelled? Kaito’s Blue Flag Manga Ends in April. The 53rd chapter of Kaito’s Blue Flag ( Ao no Flag ) manga revealed on Wednesday that the manga will end on April 8.

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Who did Taichi marry?

Toma and Taichi eventually marry with Toma taking on Taichi’s surname. Toma remains in close contact with Futaba and Masumi as well as Kensuke and Shingo, and was the one that encouraged Taichi to meet up with Futaba again and mend their friendship.

Who ends up together at the end of Blue Flag?

The two final chapters reveal that Futaba and Taichi break up after high school, with Futaba getting married to someone else later. It then shows that Masumi has since married a man after figuring out she’s attracted to both men and women. Taichi and Toma have since married each other.

Does Taichi love Rin?

Then they go both get involved in a war which shows Taichi, on several occasions, that he cares about Rin, in which just before the end of the war, he promises to protect her; showing that he feels romantic feelings towards her as well and now a boyfriend.

Who does Futaba like in Blue Flag?

Blue Flag’s premise is simple: two boys, popular baseball star Touma and average nobody Taichi, are best friends. Their shy classmate Futaba has a crush on Touma, and enlists Taichi’s help in getting Touma to notice her.

How old are the Blue Flag characters?

The main characters in Blue Flag are seniors, but some are more like 22-year-old seniors and others are mentally more like 15. In that framework, the less mature Taichi and Kuze think they have it figured out when they really don’t, while Touma’s romantic challenge is different.

Is Blue Flag manga LGBT?

This is true of Blue Flag, which deciphers the journey through adolescence; one of the characters is gay, and another is a lesbian teenager. ‘It was published in Shonen Jump, a very popular magazine which features the best-selling series.

Does Blue Flag have a sequel?

Blue Flag volume 2 is a great continuation of volume 1. Taichi continues to be an interesting lead character who I fear may have some type of emotional break down in the future.

What does Blue Flag mean?

/ˌbluː ˈflæɡ/ uk. /ˌbluː ˈflæɡ/ a title given to beaches in Europe that are clean and safe: The calm waters make this an ideal spot for families and the beach has been awarded a blue flag for cleanliness. The blue flag program picks out the best beaches for clean water and good environmental management.5 days ago

Is Blue Flag a love triangle?

Blue Flag initially starts off as a love triangle with a queer twist, but throughout its volumes, it becomes a deeply meaningful coming-of-age story for its characters.

How many volumes does blue period have?

The series has been serialized in Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine Monthly Afternoon since June 2017 and has been collected in twelve tankōbon volumes as of May 2022.

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