Did Yuri end up with Victor?

Did Yuri end up with Victor? Yes, Yuri has moved to Russia to continue training with Victor. So they definitely do not go their separate ways.

Does EMI fall in love with Maou? While it is unclear whether Maou and Emi are harboring the beginnings of romantic feelings towards each other, it is worth noting that there have been hints of some level of attraction throughout the LNs.

Who is Maou love interest? He also calls her ‘Chi-chan’, signifying their closeness with each other. During the incident with Lucifer, she gained knowledge of Ente Isla as well as Maou’s true identity. Chiho has a very obvious crush on Maou, but he has yet to respond to her feelings despite her confession.

Are yuuri and Wolfram canon? Yuuram is the ship between Yuuri and Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou. The characters are formally engaged in canon, although the proposal was an accident and Yuuri claims not to be interested.

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Does Conrad like yuuri?

There is, however, canon proof that Conrad loves Yuuri – it’s just not stated what kind of love this is.

Do yuuri and Wolfram end up together?

Yuuri sets out to win Wolfram back from his personal hell. They finally get together physically as a couple.

Is there a manga for Yuri on ice?

A side story manga, Yuri on Ice Side Story: Welcome to The Madness, was published on as a bonus item included with the final Blu-Ray volume of the anime series. Written and illustrated by series co-creator Mitsurou Kubo, the manga follows Yuri P. and Otabek Altin the night after the Grand Prix Final.

Does Wolfram and Yuuri kiss?

wolfram kissed yuri in a love machine. A love machine that will let you see the future of you and your lover. Wolfram was possesed by shihou and took yuri to the love machine and kissed him using wolframs body.

Does Yuri marry Victor?

They are not married, but the ship would be confirmed canon. Which does not go well but only results in Yuuri nearly retiring, with Yuri(o) saving the day by winning gold.

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