Do Haru and Tsuna get together?

Do Haru and Tsuna get together? While Tsuna views Haru as a good friend, his relationship with her is platonic, with Haru unaware of his feelings towards Kyoko.

What is Tsuna box weapon? Vongola is the Vongola Sky Box, and the Box Weapon of Tsunayoshi Sawada. Its name is Nuts and it takes the form of a Lion Cub with a mane made of Sky Flames and wears a visor on top of its head.

Does Tsuna get a box weapon? Vongola, nicknamed Nuts or Natsu, is a Sky-attribute Animal-type Box Weapon. It is the exclusive Vongola Box Weapon for Tsunayoshi Sawada and can transform into a cloak. And when combined with Tsuna’s X-Gloves, upgrades them into gauntlets.

What ring does Hibari have? Cloud Vongola Ring: Won after the Vongola Ring Conflict against the Varia. Hibari wears the Ring on his right hand. He is able to open Cloud-attribute Box Weapons.

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Is Hibari loyal to Tsuna?

Unlike most other Guardians, Hibari has no respect for Tsuna, and doesn’t hesitate to attack him,just as he refuses to accept any of his requests, as shown during the Primo Family Arc (exclusive to the anime only), where he wasn’t interested in the test and didn’t hesitate to attack Tsuna when he tried to convince him …

How strong is Kyoya Hibari?

Hibari is consistantly one of the strongest fighters in the series. Here are the classifications of Dying Will Flames and here is the explanation of future weapons. The feats will be in chronological order, as Hibari should be growing stronger as the series progresses. Hover over feats for the arc they’re from.

What is Reborns real name?

Reborn (リボーン, Ribōn) is the infant home tutor of Tsuna and the world’s strongest hitman.

ArcobalenoArcobaleno | AdultAdult
Epithet“The Sun Arcobaleno” “The Strongest Arcobaleno” “Katekyō Hitman” (Home Tutor Hitman) “World’s Strongest Hitman”

Does Hibari have mist flames?

It is also noted that Hibari has Mist flames as well as Cloud flames, though he can’t create as powerful illusions as Mukuro.

Is Reborn anime finished?

The Anime:. the anime ran from 2006-2010, it had a total of 203 episodes + 2 OVAs. And for those unaware, it did NOT air on Toonami or Adult Swim. It aired on ABC and CBN. And was licensed by Discotek media.

Who is Tsuna’s right hand man?

Hayato takes his duties towards acting as the right-hand man of Tsuna very seriously, to the point where he strongly dislikes whenever others interact with Tsuna in any way, especially towards Takeshi, who he considers a one-sided rival.

Does mukuro care about Chrome?

In the beginning of the series, Mukuro showed kindness and concern towards Chrome, treating her with more care than what he normally shows others. He was somewhat possessive of her, referring to her as “My Chrome.” He was also protective of her and would come to her aid whenever he was needed.

How old is Tsuna in Reborn?

Tsunayoshi Sawada (沢田 綱吉, Sawada Tsunayoshi), referred to simply as “Tsuna” (ツナ), is the 14-year-old central character of the series.

What weapon does Hibari use?

Tonfas – Hibari’s tonfas seem to be his main weapon for combat. Later it is revealed that they hold hidden compartments. The ends of the tonfas can release flails and the sides contain spikes and hooks.

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