Do you use a weight with a Senko?

Do you use a weight with a Senko? By adding a little weight (in a way that still preserves the bait’s action), Senkos can get down to the depths where the fish are!

How many Senko colors are there? The Senko is available in over 120 color variations and as a result, it can be tough to choose a color when purchasing your senkos online.

How much does a 4 inch Senko weigh? Specifications

Length4″ (10cm)
Weight7 grams
Qty10 per pack
Rec Hook4/0 worm hook

What color Senko works best? Q: What color Senko works best? Green pumpkin tends to be the most popular and productive color. However, color selection is often based on water clarity. Darker and murky water should be fished with a dark color Senko like black and blue.

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What is the difference between a wacky rig and a Neko rig?

There’s one major difference between the wacky and Neko rigs, and that’s the weighted head on the Neko. In both, baits — and there are many effective ones — are hooked at their middles.

Do you fish a wacky rig with a weight?

The rig is generally fished on lighter-weight fishing line and can be fished successfully around nearly all types of cover or habitat. While it typically shines in water less than 10 feet deep, the wacky rig can be weighted to be fished effectively in deeper water.

Should you use a weight with a wacky rig?

Use Weights. Using a wacky rig without a weight is pretty much pointless. If you go weightless on your rig, your worm is going to take an excruciating amount of time to reach the bottom of the pond or lake and presentation is going to be terrible.

Is Texas rig better than wacky rig?

The wacky rig creates more action especially with senkos, attracts more interest than the texas rig overall, and stays put better. The venerable Texas rig is rightfully famous, and from punching thick grass mats to pitching into heavy cover, working a deep hole or hump to gliding under a dock, it’s just plain magic.

When should you throw a Senko?

If the fish are up shallow and around cover, throw a senko. It keeps you from hanging up in the cover and it has a very subtle entry into the water. Very few baits get the bass to bite as good as this set up. If for some reason you aren’t getting bites, make sure to try a different color.

Can you drop shot a Senko?

Today I want to talk to you about drop shotting a Senko. Yeah, it’s a great way to fish a Senko, and if you’re not sure how to rig this up, I’ve got a video on rigging Senkos.

Do Senko worms float?

If you use a monofilament leader, the Senko will float and slowly wave back and forth throughout your retrieve. It’s great for targeting fish on rocky points, shell beds, river bars and bluff walls.

What size hook should I use for a 5 inch Senko?

5” Senko Texas Rigged. When the water is clear and bites are tough, I will use a Gamakatsu G-Lock Worm Hook in size 3/0 when Texas-rigging a 5-inch Senko. At first glance some might suspect the hook is too small, but its wide gap and small diameter wire with a sharp point will easily stick and hold the biggest bass.

How much does a Gary Yamamoto Senko weigh?

choose colour

Length:6″ (150mm)
Weight:16.5 grams
Qty:5 per pack
Added salt:Yes

How do you fish a weighted wacky worm?

YouTube video

How do you fish a weighted Senko?

Regardless of which type of rig you use, the best way to use a Senko is to let it sink slowly down to the very bottom of the water. The size of the weight can either help or hinder the baits natural movement and action under water… This will automatically attract the bass because it makes it look like a real worm.

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