Does Araragi have a harem?

Does Araragi have a harem? 9/10 Aged Terribly: Araragi And Children. Monogatari is a harem anime, the problems of which are discussed in more detail below, but one major problem is that some of the girls in the “harem” are actual children.

Why did Araragi keep Shinobu alive? In the end of Kizumonogatari you will learn that Araragi have to kill Shinobu if he wants to turn into a human. That’s why Shinobu is so weak in Bakemonogatari. Araragi didn’t want to kill Shinobu so they found a compromise. By weakening Shinobu, Araragi became weak as a vampire and lost the most part of his abilities.

What happens at the end of Owarimonogatari? In the end Oikura appears to forgive Araragi. However, Oikura tells him that she still can’t come to school any more. The government can’t provide her anymore support for her to live in the current home so she has to move again. The next day, Araragi finds out that Oikura apologized to Senjougahara in the end.

Does Araragi get his powers back? In the first episode of Bakmonogatari, Araragi revealed to Senjogahara that he was once a vampire and that he retained the regeneration ability after being cured.

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Who is the girl at the end of Owarimonogatari?

This appears to be Higasa, who is on the basketball team and in the same year as Kanbaru. In the anime productions, she first appears at the beginning of Hanamonogatari.

Why can Araragi still see Hachikuji?

In Hanekawa’s case, every time she encountered Hachikuji, her living situation had not improved, so she simply retained the desire not to go home. As for why Araragi can see her, Ononoki cites it as proving that he retained some level of vampirism, implying that it is generally the case that vampires can see ghosts.

Does Araragi marry Hitagi?

The author hints in one of the later arcs, Musubimonogatari, that Araragi will most likely marry only one woman in his life, and that is Hitagi Senjougahara.

Who is Koyomi Araragi in love with?

As special as finding your soulmate can be, and as sacred one would view the person who saved their life, Koyomi Araragi has forged one relationship in Monogatari even more intimate: His co-dependence with Kissshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade, more commonly called Shinobu Oshino.

Who is the main villain of Monogatari?

Ougi Oshino ( 忍野 おしの 扇 おうぎ , Oshino Ougi) is the main antagonist of the first three seasons of the Monogatari Series.

Can senjougahara see hachikuji?

During the Mayoi Snail arc in Bakemonogatari we eventually learn that Senjōgahara couldn’t see Hachikuji while Araragi could, because only those who didn’t want to return home would be able to see her.

What happens to Hachikuji?

After Koyomi is sent to Avici Hell after being killed by Izuko Gaen, he encounters Hachikuji, who is revealed to not have ascended to heaven, instead piling stones up at the gates of Hell, as children who die before their parents automatically go to Hell.

Who is the most powerful in Monogatari?

Monogatari has plenty of spooky ones at their disposal, and this list will be seeing who exactly is the strongest.

  • 8/10 Heavy Stone Crab.
  • 7/10 Lost Cow.
  • 6/10 Rainy Devil.
  • 5/10 Hindering Cat.
  • 4/10 Yotsugi Oninoki.
  • 3/10 Kako.
  • 2/10 Vampires.
  • 1/10 Kuchinawa.

How did Araragi become human again?

After sucking her blood to the brink of death, Kiss shot admits she planned on having Koyomi kill her. That way, she could finally find a proper way to die and allow a minion of hers to turn back into a human, as the death of the master causes the servant vampire to regain humanity.

Did Araragi break up with Hitagi?

Summary: Although Araragi and Hitagi had broken up twice before, when she begins officially working as a manager at her finance firm it causes strife and they have a huge fight over the phone. By the time it is over, they’d broken up for the 3rd time.

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