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Does Chocolat like Kanade?

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Does Chocolat like Kanade? In episode 10, it is confirmed that even without her memories Chocolat has developed strong romantic feelings for him and is revealed to be jealous of the other girls. She later confessed her affections to him, as Kanade reacted in shock at this especially when she described how deep they were.

Who does Amakusa end up with? She does eventually fall in love with Ryō and they confess to each other at train station in Episode 12 of the anime and Ryō promises to wait for her until she becomes an adult.

What food does Gus like? Gus would love to receive any of the following items.

  • Every universal love.
  • Diamond.
  • Escargot.
  • Fish taco.
  • Orange.
  • Tropical curry.

Is Queen a cyborg? As he begins his fight with Sanji in full, Queen not only reveals a tie to the Vinsmoke family but that his body’s been modified in much the same way they had been. He’s a full-on cyborg.

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Are Chocolat and Pierre siblings?

Cinnamon Meilleure
Family: Chocolat(daughter) and Duke(brother)
Romances: Glace (Chocolat’s father)
Familiar: ? (Pierre’s familiar)brother
First Appearance: Chocolat,Hearts,and the Shooting Star

Who does Chocolat end up with Sugar Sugar Rune?

As the series progresses, Chocolat begins to fall in love with Pierre and (in the anime) end up exchanging hearts with him (Episode 51).

Who is Chocolat father?

Hugh O’Conor is best known for playing the half-melted Catholic priest Father Henri — opposite the hard and bitter village mayor Comte de Reynaud played by Alfred Molina — in the flavorful 2000 film “Chocolat.” Guess what he looks like now!

What do I give Pierre for his birthday?

Pierre likes the following and giving him other items will result in him being unimpressed, or in some cases, upset.


  • All cooked goods except Fried Egg, Bread, and Strange Bun.
  • All Flowers except Poppy.
  • All Tree Fruits.
  • Vegetables (not corn)
  • Eggs (not void)
  • Milks.
  • Daffodil.

Does Pierre like Chocolat?

Chocola and Pierre’s first interaction was when they were children; before he was kidnapped. For years, he wanted to know who she was. Because he found out she was the girl he met in the beginning, his love for Chocola has deepened.

Does Chocolat become queen?

Ending in Anime and Manga. Chocolat then stated that she was the true Queen of the Magical World because she fortified the Magical World alone; without the help of either her or her mother. Also, she ends up with Houx. In the anime, she became Queen because she had collected more hearts in the human world.

What happens at the end of Chocolat?

Serge sets fire to the boat while Josephine and Anouk sleep. They escape unharmed, but Vianne is shaken. Armande dies in her home with Luc discovering her, devastating both him and his mother.

Is Pierre boo French?

The TikTok star was born in Paris, France. His father is Jean-Pierre Crespeau, while his mother is Virginia, a TV presenter. He has two brothers, Arnaud and Giancarlo and a sister called Marie-Sophie. He is a French national of mixed ethnicity.

How old is Nicky and Pierre?

Recently, TikTok superstars Nicky Champa and Pierre Boo made headlines for secretly getting married in Las Vegas. 27-year-old Champa is from Dallas, Texas. He has nearly a million followers on Instagram and 12.5 million followers on TikTok. Meanwhile, Boo is 36 years old and was born in Paris, France.

Who does vanilla end up with?

Woo. In the manga, Vanilla had ended up with Woo (who had previously liked Chocola); it was shown that the two were together as they were preparing for Vanilla’s coronation. Unlike in the anime, Woo likes Chocola until the end of the series.

How old is Chocolat?

Age 17 (Physically, real age unstated)
Gender Female
Physical Attributes
Hair Color Blonde
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