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Does Chrono Cross have multiple endings?

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Does Chrono Cross have multiple endings? How many endings does Chrono Cross have? Chrono Cross has at least 11 endings, though you can only access most of them during New Game+.

Who is Serge Chrono Cross? Serge is the central character of the game Chrono Cross. He is the games silent-protagonist who is caught the overlapping plots of alternate time-lines after he finds he has the ability to traverse to splintered realities.

Is Lucca in Chrono Cross? Lucca Ashtear is a character in the video-game, Chrono Trigger. She is a genius vunderkind inventor whose teleporter acts as the impetus to her friends’ first steps to time-travel and who later perfects it down to planning out multiverses in Chrono Trigger as a benevolent albeit mad scientist in Chrono Cross.

How do I recruit Poshul Chrono Cross? How to Recruit. Find the Heckran Bone under the bed in the room above the restaurant in Arni Village (Home World) and then give it to Poshul. If the party does not, Poshul will automatically join in Arni Village (Another World) after defeating Karsh, Solt, and Peppor and choosing not to have Kid join the party.

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How do you use Z slash in Chrono Cross?

Z-Cut, Z-Slash?) is a Triple Tech used in Chrono Cross. This tech requires the combined powers of FlyingArrow (Serge), RedPin (Kid), and DashSlash (Sprigg-transformed Slash) in order to be performed.

Who are the best characters in Chrono Cross?

Norris and Grobyc are two of the strongest characters in their respective Elements. Grobyc has very high Strength, Defense, and HP, making him an excellent Black Element fighter.

How do you become a Level 7 Tech in Fargo?

Once everyone starts looking for someone to convince Fargo to move the S.S. Zelbess to Marbule, bring Fargo from Another World into your party. They’ll talk it out and after the scene, you’ll get Fargo’s Level 7 Tech Skill and the quest to wake the Black Dragon will proceed as well.

How do I get irenes Level 7 Tech?

Talk to the Demi Human Doctor at the House Twice. Go inside the first house you’ll see to find a doctor, talk to it twice with Irenes in your party to gain her level 7 tech skill.

Can you get Kid back Chrono Cross?

After the events of Fort Dragonia, Kid will leave your party for a massive part of the game. You’ll automatically get her back after the events of Chronopolis, where you must use the Chrono Cross or Mastermune to enter Kid’s past.

What happens if you refuse Kid Chrono Cross?

First – Cape Howl: Refuse her three times, she’ll give up and go to Termina. The only downside is that she won’t give the Teleporter yet so you can’t change party members except for when you recruit someone new. Second – Termina: Kid will try to plan a heist with you.

How do you get to level 7 Tech in kids?

Complete Orphanage on Fire Sidequest. After obtaining the Chrono Cross and the Mastermune, the sidequest to save Kid from a coma will be available. Completing this sidequest will not only bring Kid back to your party, but is also the only time you can get her Level 7 Tech Skill, Hot Shot!

How do you get Leenas Level 7 Tech?

After regaining Serge’s body and having Leena back to your party, return to Arni Village (Home World) with Leena’s Another World in your party. Her grandma will mention about you still remembering your promise with Leena which will make her give you Leena’s Level 7 Tech Skill.

How do you get level 7 techs in Chrono Cross?

Travel to Arni Village (Home) with both Leena and Poshul in your party. First, stop by Leena’s house and speak to her grandmother. She will then hand over Leena’s level 7 tech, MaidenFaith after a little dialogue.

How do you awaken kids Chrono Cross?

Begin by speaking to Gato then check the grandfather clock on the right to find kid #1. Next to the clock on the left is a machine. Activate it with X then press buttons in this order: L1, Triangle, R1, Triangle, then hit X again (you must hear a chime for each one).

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