Does Eiji love Ash?

Does Eiji love Ash? Ignoring the romantic subtext of the main story and the romantic text of The Garden of Light is a disservice to the characters and their complex relationship. TL;DR – Ash and Eiji are gay and in love. We’ve been told this as explicitly as Yoshida dared to say it.

Is there a season 2 for Banana Fish? Since there isn’t any source material left to continue the story and the creator, Yoshida uttered these words: “I have no interest in writing sequels. Nothing comes to mind.” So, you can pretty much come to a conclusion that there is no hope for Banana Fish season 2.

Is Banana Fish based on a true story? The author of Banana Fish, Akimi Yoshida, has confirmed that Ash Lynx was majorly inspired by the beloved American actor and musician River Phoenix. The similarities in appearance between Ash and his real-life counterpart are striking, as well as their tragic backstories.

Who did Eiji marry Banana Fish? Akira Ibe. He first meets Shunichi Ibe’s niece, Akira, in Garden of Light. They become friends, despite an age difference of ten years, and Sing remarks to Eiji that he thinks she’s “a sweet kid”. Five years later in New York Sense, their wedding pictures are shown, signifying they have married.

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Is Banana Fish a bl?

Though Banana Fish is not a boys’ love (BL) series, critics have noted the series’ depiction of homosexuality and homoeroticism as having been influenced by (and in turn having influenced) the boys’ love genre.

Why is Ash so attached to Eiji?

We all know the answer to the question “Why did Ash become so attached to Eiji?” To summarize, it’s because Eiji, being an outsider to Ash’s world, saw him as a person, as a friend who is around the same age as him, and because Eiji gave Ash a part of himself without expecting anything in return.

Why is it called Banana Fish?

What was at first believed to be a code name for a person, Banana Fish was later found out to be a drug in reality. Dino Golzine shared that it’s true purpose was to serve as a poison for assassinations. This was done indirectly as Banana Fish was more akin to a mind control drug.

What does Eiji mean in Japanese?

The name Eiji is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Excellent, To Succeed, Heal, Peace.

Why is Banana Fish Not a bl?

Some people ship them yes, but the manga and anime doesn’t start being called a BL. Because it is not a love story. Just because it was written in a shoujo manga doesn’t mean it’s automatically a love story. It doesn’t have a female love interest, but shows a friendship between two males.

Is Ash Lynx a bottom?

In an interview with Akimi Yoshida, the mangaka said that Ash is and will always be the bottom of the relationship between him and Eiji.

How old is Eiji Banana Fish now?

Eiji is a slim Japanese youth with black hair and large dark brown eyes. Despite being an adult at the age of 19, he is often mistaken for a young teenager, even in Japan. He is seen in a variety of clothing choices throughout the series, often with Ash Lynx’s clothing.

What is Ash Lynx real name?

Aslan Jade Callenreese, also known as Ash Lynx, is the main protagonist of the Banana Fish anime and manga. Aslan is a seventeen-year-old American who is in charge of a gang in New York City.

Was Eiji supposed to be a girl?

Originally, Ash was conceived as an upbeat character inspired by shōnen manga protagonists, as Yoshida sought to contrast the moody protagonists typical of her other works, while Eiji was originally conceived as a female character.

What is Eiji real name?

Raiden Ei’s true name is Beezlebul, as revealed by Yae Miko during the story quests. Raiden Shogun was puppeteered as the fallen god, and hence, most assume her as Baal when in reality, she is just a clone created by Raiden Ei.

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