Does Erza defeat all 100 monsters?

Does Erza defeat all 100 monsters? In the end, Erza manages to defeat all the monsters and raises her sword in victory, to the happiness of her guild and amazement of everyone in the arena, the announcers and everyone in the audience.

Does Yukino marry Hachiman? In the visual Novel (Yahari Game demo Ore no Seishun Love Kome wa machigatteiru Zoku) Hachiman and Yukinoshita do get married.

Who are the S-Class Wizards in Fairy Tail? S-Class Mages Of Fairy Tail

  • S-Class Mages are the elites of a guild that are able to undertake S-Class Jobs. …
  • Gildarts Clive is the strongest S-Class Mage in Fairy Tail. …
  • Laxus Dreyar.
  • Laxus Dreyar was the most arrogant S-Class Mage in Fairy Tail. …
  • Erza Scarlet.

Who is the main villain in Fairy Tail? Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル, Zerefu Doraguniru) is the central antagonist of Fairy Tail who is mentioned early in the series as the most evil wizard in history called the “Black Wizard” (黒魔導士, Kuro Madōshi).

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Who became S-class in Fairy Tail?

Erza Scarlet is the youngest to ever become an S-Class Mage, having triumphed in the trials at 15. It was also shown that just about any non-S-Class Fairy Tail Mage could participate in them, regardless of the time spent in the guild, seeing as how Juvia Lockser was chosen in her first year in Fairy Tail.

Who is Hoteye brother?

Hoteye (whose real name is Richard) is a former member of the Oración Seis, an powerful Dark Guild of the Balam Alliance; he is currently the Guild Ace of the Genie Pyre guild in the Odawara Confederacy. He is the elder brother ofWally Buchanan.

Why did flare Save Lucy?

Lucy and Flare met in the grand magic games, where they battled each other. Flare tortured Lucy in order for her to win, threatening to kill Asuka if she disobeyed her. After Flare won the battle, she and Lucy became good friends, with Flare apologizing to Lucy, and Flare saving Lucy.

Are Angel and yukino sisters?

Yukino is one of the few celestial spirit wizards. She is a proud member of Sabertooth and also the younger sister of Sorano/Angel.

How did Cobra lose his eye?

While still a boy, he loses an eye and a leg when a Cobra operative destroys a car in which he is riding, and after recovering he goes on to become a member of his father’s greatest enemy, the G.I. Joe team.

How did lisanna end up in edolas?

3) The Lisanna in the Edolas Fairy Tail is actually the Earth-land’s Lisanna who got accidentally sucked into one of the Anima portals and ended up in Edolas.

Who defeated Angel in fairy tail?

Lucy enters a trance and starts reciting the incantation to a spell: both she and Angel are surrounded by a brilliant light; Lucy casts the super-Magic Urano Metria, thereby successfully defeating Angel.

Does Lucy get all 12 zodiac keys?

Silver keys are common, while gold are rare, and there is only one known black key that summons Ophiuchus, a giant serpent. Lucy possesses 10 of the 12 golden keys, each of them based upon a zodiac. Although mighty, each zodiac comes with their own special personality quirks that we cannot help but love.

What happened to Yukino’s sister?

Sorano always supported Yukino in her childhood as Yukino felt useless to her family and would always be scolded by her parents. However, one day, a group of Zeref’s followers attacked her family. Her parents were killed and Sorano was captured. Her sister just barely managed to survive the attack.

Is Sorano evil in fairy tail?

Type of Villain. Sorano, formerly known by the codename Angel, is a supporting antagonist in the Oración Seis arc of Fairy Tail.

What was Yui’s wish?

Yui expresses her wishes to hang out with Yukino after the prom- to go to Disneyland, to Seaworld, and to have sleep overs. The purpose of this moment was for Yui to tell Yukino that she loves her a lot (as a friend) and she wants their friendship to remain no matter who gets Hikki in the end.

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