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Does Gray ever love juvia?

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Does Gray ever love juvia? Gray and Juvia share a close relationship. It was love at first sight for Juvia, and later down the line, it’s confirmed Gray feels the same way. Originally, he is portrayed to be uncaring towards the Water Mage’s advances, with her attempts of earning his affections resulting in disaster.

Is Silver Fullbuster a demon? Smiling maliciously, Silver supposedly reveals his true identity as the Demon who murdered Gray’s family and forced Ur to relinquish her life, much to Gray’s terror.

Is Silver Fullbuster a good guy? Silver Fullbuster is an antagonist of Fairy Tail. Sun Village arcEdit Silver Fullbuster freezes the entire Sun Village along with the Eternal Flame, which held the lingering spirit of its guardian Dragon Atlas Flame, whom he mistook to be a Demon.

Is Gray weaker than Natsu? Gray may have his ace in the hole with his father’s Ice Devil Slayer Magic, but Natsu’s own ultimate form might be superior to even that. He is, in fact, an Etherious known as E.N.D., the most powerful of the Demon Books of Zeref.

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How old is Erza now?

To be clear, Erza is stated to be 19 years old. During the time skips, over 7 years when Fairy Tail got stuck on Tenrou Island, that makes her 26. At the final timeskip at the final series, Erza is 27 years old.

Why did Gray betray Fairy Tail?

Until such time they infiltrate the Avatar guild and defeated it’s members. Natsu and Lucy thought that Gray betrayed Fairy Tail, because Gray acted as a member of Avatar to defeat END. But it was just an act. Gray and Erza’s mission was ruined by Natsu and Lucy’s interference.

Why does GREY take off his clothes?

Gray likes to fight with his clothes off. In the first season, especially, he can be seen randomly chatting and as soon as Natsu or another foe riles him up, poof, his clothes are gone and he is ready to fight.

Why is Loki afraid of Lucy?

Afraid Of Lucy At First. He decided to ask her out. However, the moment he learned she was a Celestial Mage he literally ran away from her. It’s not surprising considering the last Celestial Mage he knew abused his friend Aries, and even less so considering he was responsible for her losing to Sorano.

Did Gray end up with Juvia?

8/10 They Are Canon. Thankfully, by the end of the series, the confirmation came for the pair, Gray finally admitting his true feelings to Juvia, saying that she was his. Given how much Juvia had been by his side, it was about time that he manned up and admitted her liked her too.

Was silver really Deliora?

Again, Deliora’s human form was ALREADY Silver, but because he was sealed in the ice in his normal form, nobody could have known that. When the ice melted, his real body crumbled, and as Deliora said in this chapter, he had indeed died a while ago when he was within the ice, just as was revealed back on Galuna Island.

How did Gray become a Devil Slayer?

Gray was originally planned to become the Ice Dragon Slayer, but it was ultimately rejected. Around the Tenrou Island arc, Mashima toyed with the idea again before finally settling on Gray becoming the Ice Devil Slayer just before he started writing the Grand Magic Games.

Does Gray know that Natsu is end?

Eventually, Juvia is thought to die from giving her blood to Gray in order to save him, subsequently enraging Gray to chase after Invel. After brutally beating him, though, he learns that E.N.D. is none other than his friend, Natsu.

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Table of Contents
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