Does haibara know Subaru is Akai?

Does haibara know Subaru is Akai? Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano. At that moment, Haibara begins to suspect that Subaru is Akai, she also have noticed that Subaru always wears high Collars despite sometimes the weather is hot.

Is Akai a good audio brand? The product quality is good. The sound quality is also impressive. Overall it is great product in this price range.

Is Akai a good TV brand? Very good product and wo… Its a good TV worth buying. It has all the features described on the website. Picture quality is quite good and so is the sound.

Who is the Akai family? The Akai family has five known members so far: Shuichi Akai, Shukichi Haneda, Masumi Sera, their mother Mary Sera, and her husband Tsutomu Akai. According to Masumi, her surname Sera comes from her mother’s side, and her second brother had also been sharing this surname until he graduated from high school.

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What does Akai mean?

Meaning of Akai: Name Akai in the Hindi, Indian origin, means To rise, Flower, Flourish. Name Akai is of Hindi, Indian origin and is a Girl name. People with name Akai are usually Hindu by religion.

Who is Akai?

Akai (Japanese: 赤井, pronounced [a̠ka̠i]) is a Hong Kong manufacturer of consumer electronics. It was founded as Akai Electric Company Ltd in Tokyo, Japan, in 1946.

Is Akai still alive?

At the end of Clash of Red and Black, FBI Agent Shuichi Akai faked his death with the help of Conan Edogawa and CIA Agent Hidemi Hondou, undercover as the Black Organization member Kir.

How old is Akai?

Shuichi Akai
Age:32 27 as Subaru
Relatives:Tsutomu Akai (father, missing, presumed dead) Mary Sera (mother) Shukichi Haneda (younger brother) Masumi Sera (younger sister) Akemi Miyano (girlfriend/cousin, deceased) Shiho Miyano (cousin) Elena Miyano (aunt, deceased) Atsushi Miyano (uncle, deceased)

Why is red AKA and Akai?

if you are talking the color red… “Akai”, the difference between “Akai” and “Aka” is all whether you are using it as a Noun or an Adjective. While in English “red” is both a noun and an adjective, in Japanese the noun is “aka”, written 赤 the adjective is “akai”, written 赤い. What is Kaia in Japanese?

When did Conan meet Akai?

Red vs. Black (Manga: 595-609, Anime: 495-504) Eventually, following the capture of Organization member Rena Mizunashi, Akai was introduced to Conan, and the two worked on a plan to re-introduce Rena, who was in fact a CIA mole, back into the ranks of the Organization.

Does Akai know Conan is Shinichi?

Subaru Okiya / Shuichi Akai. However, while Conan still refuses to speak of his identity, it’s revealed he has already realised that Shuichi Akai knows he is Shinichi Kudo.

Who is Akai Shuichi girlfriend?

Shuichi Akai and Akemi Miyano were lovers while he was infiltrating the Black Organization. Shuichi’s original mission was to date Akemi Miyano in order to meet Shiho Miyano.

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