Does Ichinose confess?

Does Ichinose confess? Ichinose confessed to one particular incident by a girl. In her selfishness, Ichinose was somewhat out of character for someone like her and asked Kiyotaka to help her while the confession took place.

Does Ayanokoji fall in love? He came to her aid and kept his promise to protect her. This wasn’t a surprise when she admits that she has fallen for him by volume 7.5. By volume 11.5, he declares his love for her. She accepts and the two started dating for real.

Why did Ayanokoji help Ichinose? Ayanokōji thinks back to the training camp, where Arisu had revealed that Kamuro’s and Ichinose’s secret were the same (deducing that Ichinose also had a history of shoplifting). She tasks Ayanokōji with helping Ichinose as she predicts her heart will be broken from this.

What crime did Ichinose commit? Despite feeling guilty for having committed theft, she still went home and presented the hair clip to her sulking little sister which made the latter happy.

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Who is the traitor in Class C?

As it turned out, Shiho has been secretly blackmailed by Kiyotaka to be the traitor and she was found out by Ryūen in Volume 6 of the series. The rest of this article is going to be focused on Shiho’s betrayal of Class C during the Sports Festival.

Does Kushida get exposed?

Ultimately, Kushida’s finds her conniving self exposed (ironically since it’s Ayanokoji who declares himself the conniving one in this episode).

Is horikita in love with Ayanokoji?

Their relationship continues to be platonic in the recent light novel chapters. Considering that Horikita has other goals and plans for herself, it doesn’t seem like romance is her priority in the series.

Who is Suzune horikita love interest?

Ken and the others thinking they were playing a game, joined in and started splashing Suzune. In Episode 8, it is hinted that despite their previous hostile interactions, Ken has developed romantic feelings for her due to his excitement after he was told her first name, repeatedly calling it cute.

Who is Ayanokoji girlfriend?

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji and Kei Karuizawa do seem to end up as a couple in Classroom of the Elite. They confess each other’s love to one another and they end up being very close, even kissing, in the later volumes of the light novel series.

Did Ichinose get expelled?

– No one expelled from Ichinose class , while 1 student expelled from each other class. Suzune is now class B , Ryuen is class C , Arisu is class A, and Ichinose is class D.

Did Ichinose confess to Ayanokoji?

2-4 Scene 1: Ichinose Confesses “Ayanokouji-kun———!” I was walking while listening to the sound of flowing water when a voice calling my name came from a distance.

Does Ichinose have a crush on Kiyotaka?

Kiyotaka’s Love Interest. Seen more in the manga, it is discovered that Ichinose is actually head over heels for Kiyotaka after observing him and interacting with him. She easily trusted him and thinks he is more intelligent and talented than he lets on.

What is Ayanokoji secret?

He appears to not enjoy showing off his talents, which was the main reason for concealing himself from unwarranted attention. It’s unknown why he hides his intellect but it is shown in a flashback that a mysterious man, later revealed to be his father, informed him that those who would hide their talent are fools.

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