Does Iori get his license?

Does Iori get his license? For the last half of their trip, the Peek-A-Boo members arrive in Miyakojima. Everyone goes for a serious dive into the majestic sea with the exception of Iori, who couldn’t obtain his license.

Is Grand Blue a Romcom? They both are a good romcom anime how ever Grand Blue is more towards the comedy side while Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou is more romantic.

Is Grand Blue monthly? Grand Blue is a monthly manga, and its latest chapter has been released just a week ago.

Did Iori sleep with Azusa? Her bond with Iori is deep enough that she once invited him to have sex with her, much to his shock and disbelief.

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Does Aina likes Iori?

Iori Kitahara: Aina has romantic feelings for Iori due to him sticking up for her when she is picked on. They are friends and members of the same club.

Is Chisa adopted?

Chisa Hutchinson was born in Queens, New York in 1980. At the age of four she was unofficially adopted by a family in Newark, New Jersey.

Who does Iori like Grand Blue?

Iori cheered Sakurako up after she got rejected by Naomi. Since that day, Sakurako has developed romantic feelings for Iori, while he is not aware of that yet. Sakurako kissed Iori during his second trip to Okinawa Island.

Can kids watch Grand Blue?

What is more, Grand Blue Dreaming’s manga and anime focus on beer-soaked, rowdy party antics that are more akin to American Pie than anything, and that’s not what kids should be seeing.

Does Chisa love Iori?

During Kouhei’s hypnotization, Iori unknowingly involves Chisa, causing Chisa to direct all her love of the ocean towards second most important thing in her life, of whom is Iori Kitahara. Despite this and many other events pushing the two closer, it is unclear if Chisa has feelings for Iori.

Are Chisa and Iori cousins?

In Japan, it’s not taboo to marry his cousin, especially with the big families with clan traditions. But, in this case, Iori is not related with Chisa and Nanaka by blood, his father was adopted.

Are Iori and nanaka cousins?

We know know that Iori’s dad was adopted by Toshio’s family making Iori cousins with Chisa and Nanaka but Iori says they’re closer to childhood friends.

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