Does Izumi like Hayate?

Does Izumi like Hayate? Izumi gets along well with Hayate and is comfortable enough to even change clothes while he is in the same room (though not for him to actually watch her change). Later on, it is implied that she has started to develop feelings for Hayate as well.

Does Hinagiku like Hayate? Hinagiku has strong feelings of love for Hayate. At first, she tries to deny it but finally realizes to herself that she really loves him (See “Her Birthday” section below). However, she has not successfully confessed to him yet.

Who does Hayate end up with? After that, he met Athena Tennousu, became her butler, and fell in love with her. Athena is the cause for Hayate’s superhuman strength, she used magic on him to release his body’s full potential. She is also the one who taught Hayate how to become a butler, teaching him how to do his chores properly.

What is Daisy called in Japanese? デイジー is the name Daisy in Japanese. Note: Because this title is entirely Japanese Katakana, it should be written by a Japanese calligrapher.

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Who is Hayate in love with?

In chapter 239, after being asked by Hinagiku how he feels about Athena, Hayate describes Athena as “Not like the others,” and ultimately tells Hinagiku that he is in love with Athena.

Does Hayate end up with Athena?

Both Hayate and Athena cared deeply for each other, to the point in which (disregarding their age) they decided to spend their life together. That decision was taken after Hayate left the castle and worked really hard to get a present for Athena (Chapter 184). He was able to get her a ring.

Who is the sister of Hayate?

Maria (マリア, Maria?) is Nagi Sanzenin’s personal maid (who used to be her home tutor) of the Sanzenin household. She is like a surrogate older sister/mother and is the only one who truly understands the relationship between Hayate Ayasaki and Nagi.


Japanese Nameマリア

Who is in love with Hayate Ayasaki?

Currently there are a total of 10 people that are in love with Hayate, many of which he has no clue to their true feelings due to his dense nature. They are: Hinagiku, Ayumu, Ruka, Izumi, Isumi, Maria, Nagi, Sakuya, Athena and Kotetsu (Homosexual).

What is the name daisy in Italian?

The word for daisy in Italian is margherita (feminine, plural: margherite). It derives from the Greek margaritis but entered the language via the Latin margarita.

How do you write daisy in Chinese?

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