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Does Jay ever talk in Lookism?

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Does Jay ever talk in Lookism? Jay is an extremely quiet person who does not speak a word to anyone, but is shown to be a strong fighter with a good sense of justice. Up to this point of this story, it seems that he shows excessive attention to Daniel.

Does Jay like Daniel? Jay has a very good relationship with Daniel’s new body. During the earlier episdoes, he gave Daniel a bag of new clothes when he saw the Daniel didn’t have a lot. He also took it upon himself to raise the puppies Daniel had despite being afriad of dogs and overtime developed a loving relationship with them.

Does Crystal find out about Daniel? Episode 162. Daniel tells her the other Daniel is in a video with Duke, and she suspects it is prerecorded. However, the other Daniel picks up the phone. Crystal is shocked to see Daniel does not have two bodies. She runs to Duke’s house and spots them in real time, proving they are two different people.

Who is Jay’s father Lookism? Steve Hong is the chairman of H company and known as the father of Jay, Joy and Kitae Hong. His company, H Group, creates and makes products of their phones.

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Who is the antagonist in Lookism?

Goo Kim (김준구 Kim Joon Goo)is a supporting character and an antagonist in Lookism. He is Charles Choi’s bodyguard, the debt collector for the HNH Group’s illegal money, one of the ten talented individuals raised by the HNH chairman, and one of the three kids trained by Tom Lee.

How did Daniel get his second body?

Daniel’s second body had been passed down for generations and Charles Choi killed the previous owner, James Lee, in order to acquire the second body.

Who is Daniel’s love interest in Lookism?

Zoe Park was the first person to ever flirt with Daniel. She initially had a crush on Daniel in his new body, however, as time passed she started to like him in his old body.

What happens at the end of Lookism?

As he pleads for them to come back his handsome body gives him a devilish smile. Daniel wakes up to find out he was dreaming, and not in his second body. Daniel finds his body in the hospital comatose and the police struggle to identify him.

Who is Lookism author?

Taejun Pak (박태준) is a South Korean manhwa artist, author and Ulzzang. He is the author of Lookism”.

Is Lookism a Kdrama?

Lookism (外貌至上主义) was a Chinese Drama based on the original Korean Manhwa Lookism. It aired on Septem, in China, and was finished in December 2019 with 38 Episodes.

Does Lookism have a game?

Lookism (외모지상주의) is a role-playing and action game where you knock out every enemy you encounter, beat ’em up style. It’s an action RPG based on the popular manhwa of the same name.

Is Lookism on Netflix?

In a society that favors good looks, a high school outcast leads a double life switching between his two bodies that are polar opposites in appearance. Watch all you want.

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Table of Contents
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