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Does Jumin have feelings for Rika?

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Does Jumin have feelings for Rika? Strangely enough, even years later, he associated her – the one being he loves and is obsessed with the most – with Rika. Peculiar, isn’t it? The book: In his route once you get to Jumin’s apartment he has this book that we later find out Rika gave to him.

What is Jumin Han’s favorite food? He likes wine, cheese, and tea, and dislikes nothing in particular. He likes women who don’t approach him for his background and whose environment can be controlled by him – hence why he likes cats. He likes symmetrical patterns and striped patterns.

How many endings does Jumin Han have? Like all the other main characters, there are 3 bad story endings in Jumin’s route and 2 bad relationship endings if the player fails to get enough hearts by the various game branches within his route.

How old is Jumin from MM? Jumin Han (한주민, Han Ju-min) is a 27-year-old heir of C&R International, a company owned by his father. He has short black hair, grey eyes and is always on business trips, he likes to wear tuxedos, and is not used to ‘commoner’ food. Jumin is a cat lover claiming that only cats understand and are loyal to him.

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What game is lolol based off of?

The name is a parody of the computer game “League of Legends”. However, the actual game is possibly a reference to the popular online game, “World Of Warcraft (WoW)” or “Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO)”.

What did Rika mm do?

It is later found out that Rika is not dead, but instead founded Mint Eye, a cult that is after RFA. She attempts to steal party guests from the RFA to invite to her new organization.

Can you date Jumin in casual story?

707 and Jumin Han are only romanceable in Deep Story, and V’s and Ray’s hearts are only obtainable in Another Story. The player will not be able to get their route even if they get their hearts during the Day 1-4 time span of gameplay in Casual Story.

What kind of cat does Jumin have?

Elizabeth The 3rd is a fluffy white Persian cat that belongs to Jumin Han. She was named and given to Jumin by V and Rika.

Who voices 707 in Mystic Messenger?

Kim Youngsun
OccupationVoice artist
Years active1994-present
AgentMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
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