Does Kuroko get emperor eye?

Does Kuroko get emperor eye? Kuroko developed his Emperor Eye by observing his teammates, instead of opponents. It is due to Misdirection that Kuroko had began observing people and started to develop his eye ability. It is only after discovering Misdirection that the latter began developing his eyes.

Why can’t Midorima enter zone? Only those who have practiced and practiced, earn the right to stand before the door and it’ll open up. Since it’s shown that Kise and Midorima have practiced more than Aomine and were the members of Generations of Miracles, they were still not able to get in the Zone.

Can Akashi dunk? He was able to dunk from Mayuzumi’s alley-oop.” From what I have seen in the anime and manga, there were no perfect images of Akashi at his max height in the air or anything that showed Akashi jumping as high as he can.

Who is stronger Aomine or Akashi? Akashi IS stronger than Aomine!!! What can Akashi do against Kise? Generally, I’d say nothing if it were a one-on-one. In a 1v1 Akashi might be able to use emperor eye to stop each GoM member (except Aomine Daiki) but Kise has proven that with perfect copy he can use the abilities of two GoM members at the same time.

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What rank is Belial?

Lord Belial has rank 10, and precious few demons have a rank like that. He is also boastful, but not of himself.

What is Belial weakness?

Belial starts the battle weak to Ice. However, at the end of a turn where this weakness is exploited, he will change his weakness and obscure his elemental affinities. Despite this, he will always reflect Gun and Fire, and be immune to Expel and Curse.

What is Belial God of?

Also known as the “Lord of Lies” and the “Master of Deception”, Belial is regarded as one of the four Lesser Evils in the mortal realm that seek to make this world an outpost of Hell itself.

Why can’t Kuroko enter the zone?

According to Aomine and Kise, in terms of ability, he meets the talent required to enter the Zone, but unfortunately, he would never be able to because he was assumed to not have the most basic term needed: the love for basketball.

What does the Belial eye do?

However, when Akashi finally completed his Emperor Eye, the only flaw of Gold’s Belial Eye was exposed, which is that he can merely see all the players on the entire court, and what he has to do is simply follow his best possible body movement and passing pattern to predict the future ahead of him since they both have …

What is Akashi IQ?

Akashi doesn’t have a stated IQ, unlike Hanamiya (whose IQ is said to be “well over 160”). However, both of their “Skills” have been given. Hanamiya: Mental Strength – 8/10 Special Ability – 9/10.

Did Midorima ever miss?

Instead of shooting, Midorima fakes going for a shot, but the ball is barely touched by Kagami which makes Midorima’s shot miss.

Who has the strongest zone in Kuroko no basket?

According to the official stats the strongest is Akashi with a 9.6 Midorima in the zone would likely kill all of these guys since it is stated that he is not only a shooter but very fast and strong.

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