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Does Kushida get exposed?

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Does Kushida get exposed? Ultimately, Kushida’s finds her conniving self exposed (ironically since it’s Ayanokoji who declares himself the conniving one in this episode).

Does Ayanokoji have a girlfriend? As of this writing, Ayanokoji is dating Kei. In the anime, no one would have thought of this possibility. Kei disliked Ayanokoji and is in fact dating Yosuke. This changed by volume four after Ayanokoji told her that he would protect her from being bullied by keeping her secret.

Who is Ayanokoji crush? In volume 6 of the light novel, it appears that she has developed a crush on Kiyotaka. Her crush on him was hinted further in the light novel when she became jealous of Maya’s flirtations with Kiyotaka.

Who is Suzune horikita love interest? Ken and the others thinking they were playing a game, joined in and started splashing Suzune. In Episode 8, it is hinted that despite their previous hostile interactions, Ken has developed romantic feelings for her due to his excitement after he was told her first name, repeatedly calling it cute.

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What chapter should I start in Classroom of the Elite?

If you mean after S1, I think around chapter 73. About to read the manga soon as well, enjoy! Submit Cancel How to use BBCode?

Are Ayanokoji and Karuizawa dating?

Kei originally planned to deny Maya’s claims but Maya continued her barrage of questions which made Kei answer her truthfully that she is indeed dating Ayanokoji after she threatened their friendship to be dissolved if she was found lying.

Who has the highest IQ in Classroom of the Elite?

Excluding the members of Class 1, Manabu is the most intelligent character in Classroom of the Elite. He was Student Council president of Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School before leaving the post for Miyabi Nagumo.

Does Horikita have feelings for Ayanokoji?

As of this writing, there is still no hint that Horikita likes Ayanokoji. Her feelings towards him improved though, as she seems to consider him as a friend. She starts to avoid doing things that could disappoint him. She even follows him when he asked her to join the Student Council.

What volume does Classroom of the Elite end?

The anime ends of at volume 3 but the English translations of the light novel are only available up to volume 2, while the original Japanese version is releasing volume 7 soon.

What is Ayanokoji true goal?

. The goal of a quiet school life is itself a facade for his wish, his wish is to be free from the white room, not literally but what I meant is that he wants to live a life without using the abilities the white room gave him and the ideologies implemented to him.

Does Ayanokoji go to Class A?

He is currently a second-year student of Advanced Nurturing High School. Following the entrance exam in which he scored precisely 50 points in every subject, he was placed in D-Class.

Who is the traitor in Class D?

In Volume 6 of Classroom of the Elite, it is revealed that Shiho Manabe was the traitor. She recorded Kakeru Ryūen’s plan on winning the festival and sent it to Class D, which allowed them to win.

What is Ayanokoji IQ?

Kiyotaka Ayanokoji [IQ 281] Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a man with a brilliant brain. Kiyotaka’s observational abilities might make you tremble, but that’s because he can easily deduce the plans of his opponent. He is an introvert but has so many manipulative skills that anyone can make him do whatever he wants.

Does horikita reach Class A?

As of this writing, Horikita, along with the other students of Class D, are still not in Class A. They have, however, moved up to Class B after the unanimous special exam and sports festival.

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