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Does Maki like Nobara?

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Does Maki like Nobara? During the live stream of Juju Fest 2021, Maki’s Japanese VA Mikako Komatsu admitted that she loves Nobara.

Does Kaito like Kokichi? Kaito admits he hated Kokichi and that he pissed him off, but also admits that only a crazy guy like him could have a crazy plan needed to defeat Monokuma, and the two appeared to form a sort of mutual respect during their last moments.

Does Kaito Momota smoke? In his promotional art Kaito is featured with a pipe which highly resembles Kiseru, a Japanese smoking pipe used for smoking kizami, a shredded tobacco product. It’s worth noting that the smoking age in Japan is 20 years old. Meaning that Kaito may be engaging in underage smoking.

Who is Shuichi’s crush? Headcanon: Shuichi was developing a crush on Kaede, and later on Kaito, before they died.

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Who does Maki Harukawa have a crush on?

It’s shown that Maki had developed romantic feelings for Kaito over the course of the game, but there has been no confirmation that he reciprocated her feelings, even though it is implied, considering how she is the only character he gave a nickname to.

Why did Kiibo sacrifice himself?

Kiibo gave his life for Shuichi, Maki, and Himiko to truly escape the killing game and rejoin the outside world. He’s the reason there were any survivors in V3 at all. He knew the three of them deserved another chance at living, so he threw his own away.

What does Kaito call Kokichi?

In the Japanese version, Kaito calls Kokichi “pure” instead of “naive”, which garners the same shocked result from the supreme leader. During Chapter 4, Kokichi attempts to separate Kaito and Shuichi by telling Shuichi that he should be his friend and partner instead.

Is Kiibo a boy or girl?

K1-B0 (or Keebo/Ki-bo) is a student trapped inside the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles and forced to take part in the Killing School Semester. He is agender as he’s a robot, but is considered male by others.

Who is Kaede’s crush?

Kaede has been shown to care deeply for Shuichi, as shown in the first class trial, when she attempted to steer suspicion away from him after the other students begin to accuse him.

What is Shuichi’s real name?

Shuichi’s first name foreshadows his role in the story, as it means “end one” and he was the one who ended the Danganronpa series. His full name, Saihara Shūichi, can also be shortened to Saishū, the Japanese name of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.

Does Yuta love maki?

By no means does a relationship with Maki Zenin currently impossible, but it might take some time before their relationship becomes canon in the Jujutsu Kaisen franchise. That being said, as of now, Maki Zenin and Yuta Okkotsu are not in a romantic relationship.

Is Mai in love with Maki?

The fanbook did mention that Mai’s first love is Maki, other than Fushiguro. Ah, so it is like that. I mentioned in the previous chapter that twins in myth “shares a soul”. So indeed they shares a soul, metaphorically.

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