Does Mami like Kazuya?

Does Mami like Kazuya? Mami Nanami does some vile things in the series, such as trying to sabotage Kazuya’s relationship with other girls. However, it is apparent through these actions that Mami Nanami still has feelings for Kazuya, and that she actually liked him to some degree despite what she says.

Does Sumi like Kazuya? Different from any other Rental Girlfriends of Kazuya, Sumi does not view her and Kazuya’s time as a rental date, but rather as two friends hanging out. She appears to have romantic feelings for him, but suppresses them. She even admits her love for Kazuya at a dolphin show, though Kazuya could not hear her.

Is Kiriha dead in Tsugumomo? After Kukuri and Kiriha are killed and all seems lost, Kazuya’s sister Kasumi and her hourglass Tsugumomo Saori trap Kanaka in a time-frozen state. This gives Kazuya three years to train and get stronger.

Does kukuri like Kazuya? She cares deeply about Kazuya, who she grows to love very much throughout the series. Their relationship appears to be closer to that of an elder brother and sister, but there’s shown strong implications of being romantically interested in him on more than one occasion.

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In what order do I watch Tsugumomo?


  • Episode 1: The Scent of Cherry Blossoms.
  • Episode 2: The Library and the Childhood Friend.
  • Episode 3: Kukuri-hime.
  • Episode 4: Trial of the Land God.
  • Episode 5: Training.
  • Episode 6: Memories and Childhood Friends.
  • Episode 7: Kanayama-san.
  • Episode 8: A Certain Day in the Kagami Household・The Super Popular Fragrance.

Does Kazuya defeat his mom?

Her son pleaded with her mother not to hurt Azami, to which she agreed and defeated her by tying her with an obi cord.

What happened to in the end of Tsugumomo?

The episode ends off with Kazuya preparing to leave home. In the manga, Kazuya returns to his room and the three prepare to enter the memories of the past.

Who is Kazuya dating?

Kazuya confessed to Chizuru that she is the one he wants to be with but Kazuya, being the indecisive one, changed his words and said that Chizuru is special as his rental girlfriend.

What happens Tsugumomo?

Synopsis. Kazuya Kagami, an ordinary boy, finds his life turned upside down when his late mother’s obi transforms into a girl wearing a kimono named Kiriha. She happens to be a Tsukumogami called a “tsugumomo,” objects that have gained a soul through long years of harmony with their owners.

Who does Kazuya end up with Tsugumomo?

Mimane is Mirror Tsugumomo who originally took part in the infiltration mission to assassinate Kukuri. After being saved by Kazuya in the Madarai Revolt, she becomes one of Kazuya’s official partners.

Does Kiriha return?

Confirmed: One of the Mayoiga Tsukumogami resews Kiriha, and Kazuya’s power allows her to come back. He also brings back Kyouka a couple of chapters later.

Does kukuri come back to life?

She reveals that Kasumi and Saori used a technique to freeze the passage of time Kukuri’s body, and that a group of attendants from the Shirahagi Shrine took her away, along with Kokuyou. At Shirahagi Shrine, Kukuri’s body was healed and a new shard was successfully transplanted into it.

Will Tsugu Tsugumomo be dubbed?

Tsugumomo (つぐもも) is a 2017 anime series based on the manga series by Yoshikazu Hamada. It began airing in Japan Ap. FUNimation began streaming an English dub on their streaming service FunimationNow on .

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