Does Mikasa have free will?

Does Mikasa have free will? Well, the Ackermans were, as it was revealed at one point, “engineered” to be the protectors of the royal lineage and did, thus, have no “free will” of their own. They had to protect the Eldian royalty, whether they wanted to or not. This is why Eren states that Mikasa is not free because she is an Ackerman.

Why did Eren say freedom? In my opinion when Eren Jaeger talks about freedom he means, at the core of it, something relatively simple and straightforward: freedom is their right to live dignified lives for the sole reason of being born. Freedom as their right to exist into this world, an inherent value that goes together with existence itself.

What does Eren Yeager symbolize? Eren becomes the Symbol of Freedom. Time and time again, Eren’s freedom is constantly stripped from him, from the Titans keeping him trapped within the walls, to constantly being forced to adhere to commands from superiors at the Survey Corps which Eren often deems too passive and submissive to the enemy.

What does being free mean to Eren? Freedom became a main core of his ideology as he believe people who born are free and he will kill anyone who takes away his freedom. Eren emphasizes himself when he and Zeke travel back to the time where the former and Mikasa kill the three kidnappers.

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What is Eren Jaeger’s philosophy?

He simply wants what is the best for him and the people he cherishes, which is freedom, in Eren’s point of view. The main idea of his philosophy is to do anything there is in order to achieve the desired goals, no matter whether Eren agrees with the way it has to be done or not.

Why does Eren save Eldia?

He isn’t actually doing it to save Eldia but instead is doing it to achieve his own childish dream of freedom. Saving Eldia is just a convenient steel man argument for him to use in order to justify it to himself.

Is Eren fighting for freedom?

A common misconception I hear, and for good reason, as it is kind of Erens catch phrase especially during the final arc, is that Eren did the rumbling so Eldia could be free. This, is NOT true, and has caused countless misunderstandings regarding Erens character.

What is Armin’s philosophy?

Armin wants the freedom to go wherever he wants, to see incredible things like the ocean, deserts, lava fields etc. Eren however is much more focused on the things getting in his way rather than the fruits of freedom themselves: he despised the Titans and the indignity of being trapped in a cage.

What is Eren’s freedom Reddit?

For Eren, it’s for him and his friends to be free to do anything they want, not being trapped in a ‘cage’ – the cage was first the walls, then the titans, then the ocean and finally, everyone who lived beyond the ocean. It’s why he says, “If we kill them all beyond the sea, will we finally be free”.

Why did Eren laugh at Sasha’s death?

With this in mind, Eren’s laughter becomes something much more ominous. It becomes a sign of not only despair at losing Sasha but his resignation to the future. Sasha’s death may have been the thing that drove Eren over the edge, forcing him to confront the absurdity of resisting his fate.

Did Eren’s plan succeed?

Erens plan achieved what it was supposed to, he protected his friends from brutal discrimination and threat of death and saved the eldians from being demonised and feared for their Titan shifting abilities.

Did Eren want to be stopped?

It was more of a sacrifice…. In AOT chapter 139, Eren reveals that he turned the bad guy so that he could make Armin and the alliance the heroes who saved humanity from extinction by stopping him. In short, he wanted to die at the hands of his friends in order to guarantee their freedom.

What page does Eren say freedom?

Eren gives survey corps freedom, chapter 133 manga panel AOT | Attack on titan, Anime wall art, Attack on titan fanart.

Did Eren attain freedom?

Eren achieved his own freedom, freed eldia of the titan powers through Mikasa, and gave eldia a fighting chance through Armin. He became free through death.

Why is Eren locked up?

As punishment for his insubordination, Eren was confined to indefinite underground imprisonment, though Eren claimed openly that his newly acquired abilities from the War Hammer Titan could allow for him to escape whenever he wanted.

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