Does mitsuki like Akihito?

Does mitsuki like Akihito? Akihito Kanbara. However, she does care for Akihito as friend and shows concern for his well-being, when he is hurt or injured even to the point of coming to tears. Frequently in the series, Mitsuki gives Akihito rational advice for various problems.

What is Akihito Kanbara mother? Yayoi Kanbara (神原 弥生 Kanbara Yayoi) is a secondary character in the Kyoukai no Kanata series. She is a Spirit World Warrior and the mother of Akihito Kanbara.

What are Youmu in Kyoukai no Kanata? Youmu (妖夢, lit., “catastrophic illusion”) are strange creatures that roam the human world. They come in all sorts of shapes and forms, and their origins are currently a mystery. Youmu have been known to possess (to kill) humans and are extremely hostile.

What genre is beyond the boundary? Dark fantasy Romance Supernatural. Beyond the Boundary

境界の彼方 (Kyōkai no Kanata)
GenreDark fantasy Romance Supernatural
Light novel
Written byNagomu Torii
Illustrated byTomoyo Kamoi

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Who is Mirai’s love interest?

Mirai Kuriyama is the love interest of Akihito Kanbara in the anime series Beyond the Boundary. Mirai is a first-year high school student with red-rimmed glasses, leading Akihito to call her a ‘bespectacled beauty’, much to her dismay.

Who is the main villain in Kyoukai no Kanata?

Miroku Fujima. Miroku Fujima (藤真 弥勒 Fujima Miroku) is an antagonist and secondary character in the Kyoukai no Kanata series.

Miroku Fujima
Kanji藤真 弥勒
RōmajiFujima Miroku
RaceSpirit World Warrior

Does Mirai come back to life?

This means in reality, Mirai is dead and the Mirai we saw at the ending and during the battle is a construct of the “Beyond the Boundary”. Kinda depressing when you think about it. She didn’t return. She’s still dead.

Is Beyond the Boundary harem?

Kyoukai no Kanata is slower and sadder with a shy lead female. Musaigen has a confident lead female but is pretty much a souped up harem complete with all the necessary fanservice. Both are done by Kyoto Animation, and as such have amazing animation and art.

What happens at the end of Beyond the Boundary?

In the following credits it is shown that Izumi is recovering and that life has returned to normal. Mirai and Akihito have officially become a couple, and Akihito states that he loves Mirai even without glasses.

Is Beyond the Boundary romance?

The juxtaposition between high stakes fantasy and everyday high school romantic comedy makes Beyond the Boundary a more mellow viewing experience than if it were nonstop drama and action.

How did Mirai come back?

When Mirai got her blood back she needed some rehab to get strong enough to walk back to the school roof. It was there that she summoned the last bit of her cursed blood (ie the ring). The Mirai that shows up at the season finalie is the real one, because she had no glasses.

Who does Mirai Kuriyama end up with?

Having used all of her blood to remove the youmu from Akihito, its defeat means that she no longer has a body. Just before she disappears, Mirai confesses her love to Akihito.

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