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Does Mitsuo end up with chinami?

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Does Mitsuo end up with chinami? Since she never confesses her feelings to Mitsuo, it goes unrequited, and they only remain friends and is never brought up again, leaving the matter unresolved.

Is Golden Time finished? ‘Golden Time’ was released on Octo, and concluded on Ma, after 24 episodes. After the first season ended, there were no other OVA, spin-offs, or side stories released, despite its popularity.

Who hurt Banri? And that Linda, arriving late, was the one who found Banri, and the reason she feels so guilty and says it’s her fault is because she thinks that he must’ve thought she wasn’t coming to meet him and jumped off the bridge in an attempt to end his life.

Who does Yana end up with Golden Time? In the end Yana takes a video/photo of Linda, and Linda laughs, this is what girls does when they like some guy, this is true both for animes and for the real world. Though this doesn’t mean anything, nobody knows 100% who Yana ends up with, or if he ever end up with any girlfriend…

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Why did Linda reject Banri?

Linda replies by saying “No” because she never thought of Banri as more than a friend, and even if she dated him, it wouldn’t truly make him happy. Later on in the series, when Banri and Linda meet again to reminisce, he asks for them both to pretend their high-school years together never happened.

Who is best girl in Golden Time?

Kouko Kaga (加賀 香子 Kaga Kōko) is the main female protagonist of the Golden Time series. She is a freshman law student who was formerly in love with Mitsuo Yanagisawa.

Do Banri and Linda get together?

Banri eventually re-unites with Linda, and they reminisce about their high school years together. When Banri asks about what Linda’s answer was about becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, she replies, “The answer was ‘no'”. She says that she only liked him as a friend, not as a romantic partner.

Did Koko reject Banri?

Banri reveals to Koko that his memories from before his accident are returning and he would eventually return to his former self, and his memories since the accident will disappear. Koko reveals that she still loves him, but only broke up with him because she would not be able to bear him forgetting her.

Which episode does Banri confess to Koko?

Body and Soul: Failing to remember anything after returning to the bridge where he lost his memory, Banri experiences Kouko’s response to his confession when he arrives in Tokyo.

Is Nana from Golden Time the same as Nana?

Nana-sempai is NOT the Nana from Nana, she is a character in Golden Time. In episode 7, I believe, after Nana calls Banri home because of the fake emergency, Linda tells Banri that Nana-sempai’s name isn’t actually Nana (unlike Linda, whose name IS Nana…)

What happens to Linda in Golden Time?

Ghost-Banri accepts the current situation he is no longer in charge of and says his farewells. However, at that moment, Linda rushes toward ghost-Banri. By declaring her love to everyone, including the two Banris and Koko, she makes peace with everyone and herself.

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