Does Mo Fan become a super mage?

Does Mo Fan become a super mage? Upon achieving Super Tier level 2, Mo Fan realized he has gained a Extraordinary Power – Transcendant Power as a solid foundation Super-Tier Mage.

Is there a versatile mage anime? The anime series is based on the fantasy light novel series titled Versatile Mage by Chaos. The previous seasons see Mo Fan, his struggles, and his victory in honing his powers.

Is Mo Fan a forbidden mage? This nameless spell was described as being as powerful as any Half Forbidden Curse Magic can ever be. Yet, Mo Fan was only Super Tier and did not have Devil Element activated. Awaken 5 Magic Elements in his Forbidden Curse’s Awakening.

Who gave Mo Fan his necklace? Little Loach is the magic tool granted to the protagonist Mo Fan in the beginning of the series by its last guardian clan protector’s descendant Old Man Ying. It is the physical vessel of Sacred Totem Azure Dragon’s soul. It interdimensionally brought the 15 year old Mo Fan to the World of Magic.

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Does Mo Fan defeat Yu Ang?

Yu Ang was the foster son of Mu Zhuoyun and Mu Ningxue’s step brother. He was brought into the Mu clan by Mu He. He was in fact a member of the Black Vatican. Mo Fan defeated him at his coming of age ceremony.

How many powers does Mo Fan have?

However, it was stated by a famous Forbidden Curse mage that if Mo Fan were to get all his 8 elements to Super tier, that even without the devil element, an army of super tier mages may not be a match for him.

Who is Mo Fan’s love interest?

Love Interest. While he is very flirtatious and will take advantage of beautiful women if given a chance (even now), Mo Fan has clearly stated that he only views Mu NingXue and Ye XinXia as his love interests.

Is Mo Fan a demon?

Any of the lightning that Mo Fan shapes or rebounds is automatically strengthened . Due to his demon blood, he is able to reflect lightning much stronger than his own, even being able to return weakened super tier lightning magic while still being a high tier mage.

Does Mo Fan become a god?

During the fight against Archangel Michael, despite Mo Fan’s immense powers, in the end, Evil Sacred God was overpowered by the Archangel’s God’s Mountain and it was Mo Fan’s ascension to Half Magic God that allows him to overcome the God’s Mountain.

Who is xinxia mother?

Later it is revealed that her mother is also the infamous Red Cardinal Salan. Despite being soft-spoken and gentle, she is surprisingly wise and capable for her age.

What is the strongest element in versatile mage?

Lightning Element is the rarest, often hailed as less than 1 in 1000 people will awaken Lightning. It is also the most powerful in Novice-Tier as Black, White and Dimension Magic are still not available for awakening, under normal circumstances, until the Mid-Tier.

Is Mo Fan the strongest?

If the Author and in his novel NEVER SAYS Mo Fan awakened more Elements or his newly awakened Elements have reached Full FC, it is pure head canon to say that Mo Fan is strongest Mage in human history.

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