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Does Nana have a happy ending?

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Does Nana have a happy ending? 8/10 Nana. Paradise Kiss manga creator Ai Yazawa also wrote the wildly popular josei manga, Nana, so perhaps it’s no surprise that this story also has a not-so-happy ending. The story follows two young women named Nana, who meet on a train to Tokyo and become close friends.

Why did Nana and Ren break up? They realized they truly loved each other but it is not enough to make a relationship work. NANA O wanted her dreams so bad she lefted ren and ren did the same thing. They were no longer at that level they were in before in their previous relationship.

How old is Nobu from Nana? All Nobu’s crushes and girlfriends before Hachi. How Nobu (13 years old) first time saw Ren, who was playing guitar on the school stage, and discovered his own passion for music. Brute, Ren’s punk band in Nobu’s eyes.

Who does Takumi end up with? After the conclusion of Initial D, nothing is known about Mika’s & Takumi’s relationship. In the 3rd round of the MFG races it is said that Takumi married a golfer from Saitama, and they both moved to England. It is implied that this is Mika.

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Does Takumi abuse Hachi?

He continuously takes advantage of Hachi, once even physically preventing her from defending herself as he exposed her secret to Nobu and Nana. He seems to show no remorse for this action, or self awareness that what he did was wrong.

Do Nana and Takumi get divorced?

Hachi finds out after a while, and it turns out that Takumi perfers that girl over Hachi, so Takumi insists on living seperatly but not getting a divorce to make Satsuki happy, but they secretly make a divorce and Takumi marrys that girl and lives with her.

Who gets Nana pregnant?

first learned about her pregnancy, Takumi’s words of annoyance on the possibility of her getting pregnant ran through her mind which shows her certainty that the child she’s carrying is Takumi’s. In future sequences, Nana K. is already a mother to a daughter named Satsuki Ichinose and a son named Ren Ichinose.

Why did Takumi break up with Natsuki?

He did horrible sexual advances towards her as mention in the locker room resulting to Takumi to punch him upon hearing what he did. Natsuki broke up with him as a result of that and other mistreatments.

Did Takumi sleep with Reira?

At the end of volume 19, Takumi sleeps with Reira despite the fact that he and Hachi are already married. Takumi frankly asks Reira if she would really settle for being his mistress, but it’s obvious Reira is unhappy with what happened between them because she’s always loved Takumi.

Do Nana and Hachi get together?

In her darkest moments, this leads to questionable decisions such as her hooking up with Takumi despite knowing she’ll feel bad afterwards. Nana and Hachi start living together as one of the many coincidences that bound them together in life.

Is Nana’s Baby Takumi’s?

Ren Ichinose (一ノ瀬レン Ichinose Ren) is a young son of Nana Komatsu and Takumi Ichinose, although it is not made clear who is his real father or if Satsuki Ichinose is his younger sister or not. He is close to his father, Takumi, and currently lives with him in London, England.

Does Nana love Nobu or Takumi?

The story is very clear on that; Nana truly loves Nobu, but she only married Takumi for the sake of her baby.

Who did Nana Osaki end up with?

Ren Honjo. At an unknown point, Nana fell in love with the basist of her band, Black Stones, Ren Honjo. The two are unwaveringly loyal to one another, and are deep into their relationship, even to the point that they’ve discussed the possibility of having kids, even though Nana still uses birth control.

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Table of Contents