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Does Nana kiss Hachi?

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Does Nana kiss Hachi? Nana asks her if she wants a reward and while thanking her, she gives Hachi a kiss, making her blush.

Who gets Nana pregnant? first learned about her pregnancy, Takumi’s words of annoyance on the possibility of her getting pregnant ran through her mind which shows her certainty that the child she’s carrying is Takumi’s. In future sequences, Nana K. is already a mother to a daughter named Satsuki Ichinose and a son named Ren Ichinose.

Who is the strongest in 8th son? Character Details. Wend is the 8th son of the Baumeister family, but he was given his own separate family line when he was granted his own title. He is the most powerful magician among humans and according to Arnest Blitz he will eventually surpass even the Demon Race.

Who is Wendelin wife? Elise Katharina von Hohenheim. During this conversation he tricked Wend into accepting her as his head wife.

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Does Wendelin marry Elise?

She is known as “Saint” Hohenheim and is revered by many for her many healing miracles. After getting engaged to Wend at 12, she has been a bit more open and talks more frequently with everyone. She later gleefully marries Wendelin as his legal (Head) wife.

Who does Wendelin end up with?

Wendelin eventually marries five of his female companions and later his former sister-in-law, students and lovers, including Margrave Bleichröder’s legitimized daughter. Elise Katharina von Hohenheim, is a priestess and one of Wendelin’s party members.

Is Hachi Nan TTE Sore wa Nai Deshou worth watching?

From the lazy plot writing to the uncharismatic character cast, there’s little Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou will offer to the audience. Do something better with your time and don’t recommend this to your friends, or in fact, anyone.

How many episodes are in the 8th son are you kidding me?

( The 8th son? Are you kidding me? ) light novel series announced on Sunday that the anime will get a Blu-ray Disc box with 12 episodes on August 26. The box will bundle a booklet that includes a new “novel” by original author Y.A. and the four-panel manga “Shinnyū Shain Wendelin” (New Employee Wendelin).

Is Nana’s baby Takumi’s?

Ren Ichinose (一ノ瀬レン Ichinose Ren) is a young son of Nana Komatsu and Takumi Ichinose, although it is not made clear who is his real father or if Satsuki Ichinose is his younger sister or not. He is close to his father, Takumi, and currently lives with him in London, England.

Where to watch the 8th son are you kidding me English dub?

Are you kidding me? (English Dub) The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me? – Watch on Crunchyroll.

Is the 8th son worth watching?

After two episodes, The 8th Son is clearly not poorly written and not poorly produced. It’s genuinely not bad. It’s also not particularly good. Except at one thing: It is a perfect example of how the isekai craze is creative cancer.

How old is the anime Nana?

Written and illustrated by Ai Yazawa, Nana first appeared as a one-shot in 1999 in Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of Shueisha’s Cookie, a sister magazine of Ribon.

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Table of Contents