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Does Nanbaka have an ending?

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Does Nanbaka have an ending? Nanbaka is finally over, choosing to end where so many adaptations these days go to die: the non-ending.

Why is honey in jail Nanbaka? After being arrested for an unspecified crime, Honey ended up in multiple prisons with Trois. They persistently broke out using violent and destructive methods which eventually lead to them being transferred to Nanba. Apparently he along with Trois was caught by Shin stealing underwear from Nanba’s female prison.

What does Nanbaka mean in English? The title is a play on words, combining the name of the prison, which is the Japanese transcription of the word “number”, and the Japanese word “baka” for “fool” or “idiot”.

Who is the blue haired guard in Nanbaka? Seitarou’s most prominent feature is his long, spiky blue hair which he wears in a low ponytail decorated with gold stars. He has fair skin, deep pink eyes and has frequently been described as handsome. Seitarou wears the standard Nanba Prison guard uniform with no alterations.

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Is Hitoshi Sugoroku a girl or boy?

Differing from Hajime Sugoroku even in appearance, Hitoshi is a slim and effeminate fair-skinned man of below-average height with light blond that reaches past his waist with bangs swept to the left while it hangs over his forehead and dark-red eyes, but he wears colored contacts to make them light-blue in color.

Who is the man with the scar on his neck Nanbaka?

The “Man with the Scar”, or “Supervisor” is a major antagonist in the Nanbaka Web Manga and Anime. He is responsible for Jyugo’s irremovable shackles. His real name has been revealed to be Mashiro Mutsuki (睦月 真白, Mutsuki Mashiro) .

Who is Jyugo mother?

Touko (燈子, Tōko) is a supporting character exclusive to the Nanbaka Web Manga series. Its revealed that her name is Touko Mutsuki (睦月 燈子, Mutsuki Tōko) the cloned incarnation of the deceased daughter of Mashiro Mutsuki, the lover of 610 and mother of Jyugo.

Does UNO like Jyugo?

Jyugo is Uno’s best friend who are extremely close that they usually spend the most time with each other and share a similarly large intellect, with Jyugo being smarter.

Who is the strongest in Nanbaka?

Hajime Sugoroku (双六 一 Sugoroku Hajime) is one of the main protagonists of the Nanbaka anime and web manga. He is a guard of Nanba Prison, where he is considered to be the prison’s strongest guard in generations.

Who is Hitoshi Shinsou’s crush?

In his own universe, Hitoshi Shinso has a few solid dating prospects, the most notable one being Momo Yaoyorozu, the genius girl from Class 1-A.

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