Does Nia beat Sylvia?

Does Nia beat Sylvia? Therefore, it confused and shocked the house when Treehouse leader Sylvia Elsrode called out Nia to compete against in her elimination round. Despite being caught off guard, Nia won. Following her victory, she revealed she struck a deal with the Treehouse alliance off camera.

Does Nia beat Ava? Ava wins. Nia gets blanked. Only half a point between first and second for the group. ALDC takes the win.

Is Jordan dating Nia? For example, they appeared together at co-star Kam Williams and Leroy Garrett’s baby shower. However, Nia has confirmed she and Jordan aren’t dating and are only friends.

How old is Nya from the challenge? The 33-year-old also addressed her disqualification from Battle of the Exes 2, which occurred just before she would compete in her first finals.

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Why did Nia leave the challenge?

In one incident, Nia reportedly pulled down Jordan’s pants, made an offensive comment about his masculinity, groped him, and called him a homophobic slur. Even though she made it to the finals that season, Nia was ultimately pulled from the game by producers before she actually competed.

How did Jordan lose his fingers?

Jordan offered few details at the time on how he suffered the injury, but during an interview in 2000 he said he sliced his finger with a cheap cigar cutter during a vacation in the Bahamas.

Why did Vinny get kicked off Challenge?

Challenge History. Vinny & Sarah won the “Hook Up” challenge. However, they were both later disqualified from the competition following an incident at a nightclub in which Vinny ripped off Mandi’s dress in public, exposing her breasts.

Why was Nia disqualified?

The last time that viewers saw Nia compete was on Battle Of The Exes II, when she was disqualified close to the final, due to verbally and physically assaulting Jordan prior to an elimination.

Why did Nia and Jordan hate each other?

The incident in question occurred in 2013 on The Real World: Portland, in which both Jordan and Nia appeared. During a drunken night, the two got into a fight which quickly escalated into Jordan calling Nia the n-word and imitating monkey sounds at her.

How did Nia hurt Jordan?

Nia Moore’s fight with Jordan Wiseley led to her exit. MTV News recapped the incident, explaining that she “pulls down Jordan’s pants and makes an offensive comment about his masculinity,” and later gropes him and calls him a homophobic slur.

Why is Ashley disqualified on The Challenge?

Why Ashley left The Challenge. Ashley was disqualified from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies because she broke a rule on the MTV competition. Host TJ Lavin announced that she was deactivated due to a rule break, but didn’t expand on exactly how she went against them.

Is Jordan banned from The Challenge?

Jordan Wiseley. After Nia was temporarily banned by MTV due to her incident with Jordan, fans called out MTV for the perceived hypocrisies in their treatment of contestants. Because of this, MTV opted to temporarily suspend Jordan by not inviting him to compete on Double Agents.

Did Leroy and Nia date?

“We never dated,” Leroy said. “We had our little hookup or whatever, so I think it made it easier. There was no history — just us coming out of a bathroom. It was kind of like Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.”

What place did Nia get at nationals?

Abby did allow Nia to perform a solo in the teen division and even with her music skipping, she secured second place like Maddie.

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