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Does Onodera ever confess to Raku?

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Does Onodera ever confess to Raku? In Chapter 225, Kosaki confesses her love to Raku. She understands however, that someone else is already in his heart. Kosaki gives her key to Raku as he takes it and goes away, thanking Kosaki for what she has done.

Who has the 4th key in Nisekoi? Yui is also the head of the Chinese mafia group, Char Siu (Chinese: 叉燒, Chāshāo). Yui is also in possession of a fourth key but has confirmed to Raku that she is not the girl he had made a promise with ten years prior.

Does Haru Onodera like raku? At school (a few days after the contest in which Haru’s team won), Haru confirms with Fuu that she chooses to continue making sweets as her career and explains her feelings for Raku. She cries to Fuu and confesses that she truly loved Raku despite not directly telling him that she did.

Who is Raku’s promised girl? Quite obviously, he chose Chitoge. In Chapter 227, Raku confessed to Chitoge, with her confessing back. Chitoge wasn’t quite confident as she usually was, in the series within this Chapter. But, it worked out well in the end!

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Who is Paula in Nisekoi?

Paula McCoy (ポーラ・マッコイ Pōra Makkoi) is a former colleague of Seishirō Tsugumi during her time as an operative for the Bee Hive Gang at the United States.

Who did Raku married?

After being convinced by Marika to be honest with her feelings, Chitoge confessed her love for Raku at the place where Raku made the promise with the promised girl, and was happy when Raku accepted her feelings. In the final chapter, it is revealed that she is married to Raku and has become a fashion designer.

Who is the son of raku and Chitoge?

Haku Ichijō (一条 伯, Ichijō Haku) is the son of Raku and Chitoge Ichijō that appeared in the final volume of Nisekoi.

Who is raku first kiss?

Raku’s first love was Kosaki Onodera, his first girlfriend (fake and otherwise) was Chitoge Kirisaki, his first kiss was shared with Yui Kanakura, while the first promise of marriage was done to Marika Tachibana. This clearly shows that Raku has had a certain level of intimacy with all the key holders.

Who is Chitoge first love?

It is stated by Chitoge’s mother that Raku was Chitoge’s first love and hinted that he may be the boy she made the promise with. Towards the end of the anime, Chitoge finally realizes her feelings for Raku, and admits she’s in love with him through her lines.

Who is Chitoge Kirisaki husband?

Raku and Chitoge decide to marry in the end and it is revealed that they hadn’t kissed even once until right before their engagement. They promised to live together after marriage.

How does Nisekoi end?

During Raku and Chitoge’s meeting at the Plateu we can see that apparently they have made a new Lock and they make a new promise of being together more after they’re married. The chapter and manga end with Raku and Chitoge kissing after they have made their promise and Raku asked her to marry him.

Who did kosaki Onodera marry?

Etymology. The name Kosaki means “small” (小) (ko) and “blossom” (咲) (saki). Kosaki’s surname Onodera means “small” (小) (o), “field, wilderness” (野) (no) and “temple” (寺) (tera/dera). Her married name Miyanagi means “imperial palace” (宮城).

Who ends up with who in Nisekoi?

He then proposes to Chitoge for marriage in which she happily agrees with. As Raku prepares to leave, Chitoge stops him to remind him that they should kiss. The two are nervous at first because they are both each other’s first kisses; but in the end the two share their first kiss as a couple.

Who did Chitoge make a promise to?

It is also revealed in the 12-years-past flashback that Chitoge gave the book to Kosaki. The Truth (Chapter 221): The flashback confirms the promise girl’s identity – Kosaki Onodera.

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