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Does Pegasus become a good guy?

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Does Pegasus become a good guy? He originally wanted to be an artist before becoming obsessed with Egypt and creating Duel Monsters. This did serve to fulfill his original dream as he drew monsters for his game. Pegasus was the main antagonist of the Duelist Kingdom arc but later redeems himself.

How did Pegasus lose his eye? In the manga, Dark Bakura murdered Pegasus at the end of Duelist Kingdom by gouging the Millennium Eye out of his eye socket. He stole the eye and left a replica with Pegasus.

Can Pegasus beat Kaiba? He beats all who dare go against him easily because of this advantage. Kaiba doesn’t have any sort of powers like Pegasus and manages to win a lot more duels than Pegasus does. Kaiba wins fair and square every time he duels, and Pegasus can’t stay the same.

Who married Pegasus? In his later life, Pegasus took a wife, Euippe (or Ocyrrhoe), by whom he had two children, Celeris and Melanippe. This family is the origin of the winged horses.

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Who is Seto Kaiba’s girlfriend?

According to Takahashi, Seto’s feelings for Kisara are the basis of Kaiba’s modern-day obsession with the “Blue-Eyes White Dragon.”

Is Mokuba Kaiba a girl?

Duel Monsters, Mokuba is a kind hearted boy who is naïve to the ways of the world. He succeeds in befriending Yugi Muto and his friends; as his brother does not approve of this. Mokuba does not duel in the first series anime.

Does Pegasus still have his Millennium Eye?

Maximilian Pegasus (Pegasus J. Crawford in Japanese) had the Millennium Eye in his left eye at the start of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series. It was later removed by Bakura, and in later appearances like in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Why did Pegasus kidnap Mokuba?

While Maximillion Pegasus tried taking over KaibaCorp, Mokuba swallowed an important key, so Pegasus had him kidnapped until the key could be retrieved. Mokuba was brought to Pegasus Castle on the Duelist Kingdom island.

Does Pegasus get his wife back?

(The first being him, of course.) However, during their wedding ceremony years later, she “suddenly exploded” at the altar. Death is fun isn’t it?! During the third meeting of the Council of Evil, Pegasus finally resurrects Cecelia (with the help of Rebecca’s Teddy).

Who is the true villain in Yu-Gi-Oh?

During the climax of the original series, Zorc reveals himself as the true evil that was behind what happened in Egypt all those years ago, and he will stop at nothing to see to the destruction of the Pharaoh who opposed him.

How did Pegasus lose Yugi?

With the curse of the “Thousand-Eyes Sacrifice” gone, Dark Yugi goes on to attack it (ATK 0) using “Magician of Black Chaos” (ATK 2800), plunging Pegasus’ Life Points to 0 (800 -> 0 Life Points). Dark Yugi wins the duel.

Does Pegasus have a left eye?

One of the members, Shadi, placed the Millennium Eye into Maximillion Pegasus’s left eye (in the manga, Pegasus’s eye was cut out before the item was forced into the emptied socket). After having it successfully in place of his left eye, Pegasus saw his deceased wife Cecelia Pegasus for a fleeting moment.

How did Maximillion Pegasus died?

When Dark Bakura confronts Pegasus at the end of Duelist Kingdom, he bloodily rips the Millenium Eye from his head. This kills Pegasus, who remains dead throughout the rest of the series.

How old is Pegasus Crawford?

BirthOctober 8
Height1.88 m <br />6.168 ft <br />74.016 in <br />188 cm
Weight65 kg

Is Pegasus a good guy?

Pegasus was a strong villain, very few were able to stand against him. Even Kaiba was taken down by him. The only person that was able to stand against Pegasus and win was Yugi, no one else stood a chance. Marik, on the other hand, was challenged by most other duelists he fought against.

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