Does smoker join Luffy?

Does smoker join Luffy? Of course, that all changed after Luffy improved his skills during the timeskip. Smoker did end up teaming up with him during the Punk Hazard arc. The Marine has a very strong belief in justice, which puts him at odds with current Fleet Admiral Sakazuki.

Does Aokiji join Straw Hats? 4/15 Won’t Join: Aokiji Has Already Allied Himself With Blackbeard. Former Admiral of the Marines, Aokiji is different from most of his former compatriots. He believes in “Lazy Justice,” which is unlike most Marines. Aokiji left the Marines after he lost his fight against Akainu.

Who will join the Straw Hats after Wano? Over the last few arcs, the Straw Hats have been helped by some other characters and these characters have made a strong case to become the next member of the crew. There are two characters, who have been heavily linked to becoming the next Straw Hat. These are – Carrot and Yamato.

Does Aokiji join Blackbeard? Aokiji is a former Navy Admiral, who is currently a member of the Blackbeard Pirates. It came as a big shock to me and probably you when they found out that Aokiji had left the Marines and joined hands with Blackbeard. This covers the reason why Aokiji left the Marines and teamed up with Blackbeard.

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Is Kuzan a good guy?

Kuzan, known by his former alias Aokiji (Blue Pheasant), is a character in One Piece. He serves as the overarching antagonist of the Water 7 Saga, and as a major antagonist in the Long Ring Long Island Arc and the Marineford Arc.

Who is Luffy in love with?

Luffy is the protagonist of the anime/manga series One Piece and the love interest of the pirate Empress Boa Hancock.

Who is the 11th Straw Hat member?

Yamato needs Luffy’s approval to join the crew and, once he gets it, he’s officially going to be the 11th member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Who is new Straw Hat?

One Piece fans who did not want to see this happen will have to come to terms with the fact that the debate is settled and Yamato is the final member of the Straw Hats.

What is Yamato’s fruit?

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami, a Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to transform into a divine wolf, as well as a human-divine wolf hybrid. According to Kaidou, this beast is a “Guardian Deity of Wano Country”.

Who will be the 10th Straw Hat?

If he does count himself, then Jimbie is the tenth and final member of the Strawhat Pirates. However, if it was revealed later that Luffy does not count himself, there are three outcomes. The first on this is Carrot. Now, much like other members of the crew, Carrot is a good choice.

Why did Aokiji let Luffy live?

So Marine HQ admiral Aokiji easily defeats Luffy in a 1 v 1. But then instead of killing him, he spares Luffy’s life because he wanted to do a favor since Luffy defeated Crocodile.

Who replaced Akainu?

After the timeskip, there are replacement Admirals for Aokiji and Akainu. They are Fujitora (Wisteria Tiger) and Ryokugyu (Green Bull). Even two Vice-Admirals who were considered for the promotion to Admiral received their Admiral aliases, despite ultimately not getting the job.

Who replaced Admiral aokiji?

6/7 Ryokugyu. After the fight ended, Aokiji left the Marines and Akainu was promoted to the position of Fleet Admiral.

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