Does Sumi like Kazuya?

Does Sumi like Kazuya? Different from any other Rental Girlfriends of Kazuya, Sumi does not view her and Kazuya’s time as a rental date, but rather as two friends hanging out. She appears to have romantic feelings for him, but suppresses them. She even admits her love for Kazuya at a dolphin show, though Kazuya could not hear her.

What happens at the end of girlfriend girlfriend? When Shino, Rika, and Saki arrived after catching up their breaths, Nagisa finally revealed to Shino that she is also dating Naoya. Saki accepted that and she happily declared that they now become rivals to being the senior girlfriend before going away from Shino and Rika then start their vacation for real.

Why did Mami and Kazuya break up? In Rent-A-Girlfriend, Mami and Kazuya split up because Mami found the relationship boring. Since it would be simple to go out with Kazuya, Mami just responded to his confession. In the first place, Mami has no romantic feelings at all for Kazuya.

Does Mami still like Kazuya? Mami was the one who dumped Kazuya, yet she’s there acting like she regret what she had done and still wants to be with Kazuya. Even after their relationship begins to crumble, Mami still followed Kazuya like someone walking a dog. Since the two of them is not a thing anymore, she should just left him be and move on.

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Who is Chizuru in love with?

Umi. Umi is Chizuru’s friend from her acting school. Chizuru seems to enjoy Umi’s company and even spent the majority of her Christmas with him, watching a movie and buying gifts. Unbeknownst to Chizuru, Umi slowly developed feelings for her and ended up admitting his love for her while hanging out.

Does Chizuru kiss Kazuya?

YES! Chizuru, who was quiet the whole time just listening to everything, finally moves and kisses Kazuya!

Who does Ruka end up with?

But suddenly, Akatsuki sucks the blood from Yuki’s wrist and gives it to Ruka through a kiss. With this action, he finally reveals his love for her. It is shown in chapter 93, the final chapter, that they, like Senri and Rima, end up together.

Is there NTR in Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Conversation. Still can’t believe Rent-a-Girlfriend released an NTR doujin and passed it off as a chapter. What a wild way to start 2022.

Does Kazuya love Ruka?

Kazuya even fully confessed his genuine feelings about her, how happy she makes him, and that she fully appreciates her with all his heart. Before Ruka leaves his apartment for the first time, she even steps in and kisses Kazuya on the cheek.

Who is better Ruka or Chizuru?

Chizuru is a better choice for a long term partner as she is already in her first year of college like Kazuya. Ruka is extremely close in age but is still influenced by being at the end of her high school years. While they are all extremely young, Chizuru is on the path to becoming an upstanding adult and life partner.

Who is the best girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend?

It could even be said that the strongest motivation for Mami’s actions is because she genuinely cares about Kazuya. This is why Mami Nanami is undoubtedly the best girl in Rent-A-Girlfriend.

Does Kazuya and Chizuru get together?

Chizuru did not accept Kazuya’s romantic proposal. Rather than saying “No.” to him, she simply says “Sorry.” She can’t answer him right now because she has to stop Mami from revealing everything to Grandma Nagomi. And even if she faces him, she’ll deny his romantic feelings anyway as she has always used to.

Who will Kazuya marry?

In an incredibly poignant moment, Kazuya’s words come from the deepest level of his heart as he tells Chizuru she is the only one he wants to be with.

Who did Kazuya end up with in Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Ruka has been there from the start and is ready to start a proper relationship with Kazuya but she has been ignored by him for so long. Kazuya still chose the girl he opted to let go of, Chizuru.

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