Does Takumi abuse Hachi?

Does Takumi abuse Hachi? Even from the very beginning, Takumi exhibited incredibly abusive and controlling behavior. He must always get his way, whether it’s through managing the band, manipulating his friends and loved ones, or forcing Hachi into having sex with him.

Why did Nana run away? Abandoned by her mother and raised by her grandmother, Nana was expelled from high school after she was falsely accused of prostitution. Despite these hardships, Nana “polishes the shards of her dreams” and is determined to be successful as the lead vocalist of Blast.

What episode does Nana get pregnant? Episode information. “Hachi’s Child, Pregnancy” (ハチ子、妊娠 Hachiko, ninshin) is the thirty first episode of the Nana anime.

How old is Nobu from Nana? All Nobu’s crushes and girlfriends before Hachi. How Nobu (13 years old) first time saw Ren, who was playing guitar on the school stage, and discovered his own passion for music. Brute, Ren’s punk band in Nobu’s eyes. Yasu, when he still had a hair.

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What episode does Nana get with Nobu?

“Hachi and Nobu, Sudden Intimacy” (ハチとノブ、急接近 Hachi to Nobu, Kyū Sekkin) is the twenty eighth episode of the Nana anime.

Does Nana get with Nobu?

Nana Osaki. and seemed to have feelings for her, but only platonic. Eventually, they became close friends.

Who did Takumi marry?

In the 3rd round of the MFG races it is said that Takumi married a golfer from Saitama, and they both moved to England. It is implied that this is Mika.

Is Nana’s Baby Takumi’s?

Ren Ichinose (一ノ瀬レン Ichinose Ren) is a young son of Nana Komatsu and Takumi Ichinose, although it is not made clear who is his real father or if Satsuki Ichinose is his younger sister or not. He is close to his father, Takumi, and currently lives with him in London, England.

What happens at the end of Nana?

In chapter 78 it is revealed that following the car crash which concluded Chapter 77, on Nana’s 21’st birthday, Ren has died. In chapter 78.5, Nobu and Takumi confirm the identity of Ren’s body. Although his body had suffered, Ren’s hands were folded and left unscathed from the accident.

Who does Hachi end up with in Nana?

Nana will lead Blast to an amazing career and Hachi has a stable job, they live in 707 Hachi marries Nobu and Nobu will become the stepdad of Satsuki (or possibly will be the real dad).

Who is Nana’s baby daddy?

In one of the scenes, while Simone is taking care of Nana, she goes through some of her belongings and finds the tube with the label M. Dahl, making it clear to Simone that Nana was the one to break into the hospital and the father of her child is Matthias.

Who gets Nana pregnant?

first learned about her pregnancy, Takumi’s words of annoyance on the possibility of her getting pregnant ran through her mind which shows her certainty that the child she’s carrying is Takumi’s. In future sequences, Nana K. is already a mother to a daughter named Satsuki Ichinose and a son named Ren Ichinose.

Why did Nana kiss Hachi?

After Nana realizes the great ability of Shin, they let him join the band. Back home from the studio, Hachi is celebrating and asking Nana who is responsible for the new addition to the band. Nana asks her if she wants a reward and while thanking her, she gives Hachi a kiss, making her blush.

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