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Does the Empress get pregnant?

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Does the Empress get pregnant? The Empress ending, explained. By the end, Franz’ mother Archduchess Sophie suggests that Elisabeth should leave Vienna to go back home to Bavaria and have her marriage to Franz annulled. Either that, or stay in the palace and conform. Elisabeth then discovers that she’s pregnant.

What chapter is Navier pregnant? In chapter 154 (Go to chapter) Navier’s pregnancy is confirmed after having premonitory dreams and Heinley dances in the form of a bird.

Does Navier have twins? Lari and Kai Lazlo are the fraternal twin daughter and son of Emperor Heinrey and Empress Navier, and the Crown Princess and Prince of the Western Empire.

Who gave Rashta the poison? Most likely it was Artina who gave her the pill, who still had grudges and wanted Rashtas’ death, and after that he goes to the westen empire to serve Navier again but it is not clear stated that he was the one to do it.

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What happens to Rashta in the end?

Nightmare Fuel: It takes entire week since Rashta’s suicide until her corpse is discovered in a pool of bloody vomit and with her eyes wide open.

Why is Duke ERGI helping Rashta?

Despite lending a lot of money to Rashta so she can pay her blackmailer, Viscount Lotteshu, once she got the title of Empress, Ergi demanded it with interest in the form of a port in a strategic position, a request she eventually accepted after he promised to become her secret concubine.

Is Navier Trovi infertile?

Although she publicly always denies that she is infertile…. Internally she also has her doubts. Sovieshu never tells her what happened with the drugged cookies that could have left either or both of them infertile. But still, she is aware that she has not become pregnant in all the years she was married to him.

Who does the remarried Empress marry?

Similarly to her marriage with Sovieshu, she only married Heinrey out of convenience. But as opposed to her former stand-offish marriage, her marriage with Heinrey turned into one of mutual respect, love, understanding, admiration, and support, with Navier opening her heart to her lover and husband.

Is the remarried Empress a movie?

Announced in 2020, Remarried Empress (재혼 황후, Jaehon hwanghu) is an up-and-coming Korean TV drama set to be produced by Studio N.

Who does Navier end up with?

There, Navier becomes the Queen of the Eastern Empire, and spends the rest of her days happily married to King Heinley.

Who is the real father of Rashta’s second baby?

Rashta was unaware that she was pregnant again when she escaped the Lotteshu Estate, and wholeheartedly believed the baby to be Sovieshu’s. Alan Rimwell: After the events of the paternity test, Alan is discovered to be Glorym’s biological father.

Does Navier have twins in the remarried Empress?

Lari and Kai Lazlo are the fraternal twin daughter and son of Emperor Heinrey and Empress Navier, and the Crown Princess and Prince of the Western Empire. The twins both take after their parents in appearance, possessing blonde hair and fair skin.

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